Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Suck

Slogans of Cheap Beers
Score: 53% (8 out of 15)
This quiz has been taken 87352 times with an average score of 45%
I take comfort in the fact the average score on this thing is 45%.  I wonder how I would have done if the quiz was "Slogans of Pricey Imported Beer and Microbrews Few People Have Ever Heard Of?"  I doubt I would have done worse.  My score includes two "passes," as I have little to no knowledge of malt liquors, as defined here in these United States. Well... back to the drawing board.  Or the dive bars.  Whatev.

(h/t:  Cassandra)


  1. I did even worse - 47%. And I actually thought I was going to do better because I've downed an awful lot of crappy beer :-) Oh, well. I guess I haven't had enough of it in my latter years. Thank God!

  2. I got a 75 and I don't even drink beer. I think it means I watch to much TV HA

  3. Got ten out of 15. Have never been around Schaefer beer. Did not know Lone Star's slogan. Never seen a St Ides. As for Ice beers, no knowledge and finally missed the Milwaukee's Beast slogan because I am not near any college campus' that push such slop.

    Fun quiz, though.

  4. "Score: 60% (9 out of 15)"

    I don't drink beer, either...except for the occasional Coors Light...and only if somebody else is buying.

    Truth is, I made a bunch of wild ass guesses. I really only knew about 4 or 5 for sure.

    WV: whudusez I sez "Score: 60% (9 out of 15)"

  5. I scored the same as you, Buck. Of the eight I got right, seven I was certain of, the other I guessed at. As for the others, I was clueless. Hell, I haven't even heard of some of those beers.

  6. Like father, like son...

    8/15 as well...


    Your present will be delivered later in the afternoon/early evening...

    Hope it's a great one!

    See you in a couple of weeks!


  7. Like Suldog, I thought I would do fairly well having such poor taste in beer, but I did lousy on the quiz. I did get the Lone Star question right - I am a Texas Girl.

  8. I don't drink beer, either...except for the occasional Coors Light

    No need to be redundant, Andy. ;-)

    BR: I hadn't heard of a lot of the ice beers and the malt likker shi'ite, either. Nor had I a clue about their advertising. I must live in the wrong market segment. ;-)

    Your present will be delivered later in the afternoon/early evening...

    Well, THAT got my attention! I'm trying to hold Happy Hour until Erm drops by. I plan to broaden her horizons with an Acid Nasty or a Blondie. It's warm but windy outdoors... not too bad. Thanks for the wishes.

    Lou: I got the Lone Star one right, too. And I loved the ad pic... which is why I posted it.


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