Sunday, January 24, 2010

Say What?

I know it's in poor taste to make fun of folks whose second (or perhaps third) language is Engrish.  But, that said... found on the innertubes:

Corvette ZHZ C6

ZHZ C6 Corvette Hertz Rental Hertz has now appear that they accept ordered 500 Covette ZHZ's from General Motors. The Corvette ZHZ is a Hertz alone appropriate copy with 436 hp V8 engine, paddle about-face automated manual and Hertz' chicken and atramentous acrylic scheme. Other appearance accommodate a dual-mode centered bankrupt system, alluring careful ride control, in advanced 18 inch and in the aback 19 inch seven-spoke achievement wheels, screen-mesh amalgamation and a rear spoiler.
It looks like Babelfish struck again.  I'm sure there's a veritable goldmine of stuff like this on the innertubes, enough that this could become a regular feature here at EIP.   I say "could" only because I'm too lazy to seek out the most shining examples.  And besides that... someone already owns this niche.
Still and even, there's something to be said for "a dual-mode centered bankrupt system" that produces cars as good looking as this one.  Even in chicken yellow.


  1. Heh! Laughing out loud. Buck, I'll admit my ignorance. I understood what they were getting at with most of it, but I had to look up "atramentous."

    Good chuckle this morning.

  2. It's me again. I was putting together a post, and looked back for a video I had posted before. One of the Anonymous comments was:

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  3. "...dual-mode centered bankrupt system..." Does that have anything to do with those who made the car?

  4. ...will be delivered to you certainly in time.

    Adds an entirely NEW meaning to JIT supply chain mgmt, don't it?

    Lou: I interpreted the phrase that way in my last para...


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