Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Flogging of Deceased Draft Animals

(sigh)  And the wind continues apace (click for larger, if'n ya wanna).  At least it's clear and bright with warm sun streaming in my windows.  Thank The Deity At Hand for small favors and all that.  Still, one longs for calm after three days in the maelstrom. 


Today's Moment o' Truth:
Yeah, there's nothing like a big ol' dose of populism class warfare to reinvigorate the electorate and get the ol' economy humming along again, right?  That'll work.  Yeahrightsure.
h/t: AAEC


  1. What the ... the UV index goes to 16 out there? I thought it only went to 10? I'm confused.

  2. Google is Your Friend, Kath. From Wikipedia:

    The UV index is an open-ended linear scale, with higher values representing the risk level of skin damage due to UV exposure. An index of 0 corresponds to zero UV irradiation, as is essentially the case at night time. While an index of 10 corresponds roughly to mid-day sun and a clear sky, indices greater than 11 are quite common in the southern hemisphere where the Ozone layer is depleted. Values as high as 17 have been recorded in Carnarvon, Western Australia[1] and in Mareeba, Queensland[2].

    That said, I'd never much thought about it until you mentioned it. Then I had to go look... FWIW, our altitude and clear skies can produce some "interesting" UV figures. ;-)

  3. Buck, I lived for several years not too far from where you now currently reside.

    There was an old song from some old Disney movie (which movie escapes me right now). It was "What Made The Red Man Red?" After I lived out there for a while I understood. Sunshine, low humidity, and high winds. I would get just rust red after a few days of exposure...and I'm part cherokee.

    Not to tell a guy what to do...but I'd stay in until the dust settles. But that's just me.

    As to the bank stocks tanking... I'm feeling pretty good about it!

    I made several thousand dollars yesterday by not owning any of their stock! There's always a bright side...if not collectively, at least individually.

  4. So....yeah....ity's everybody's fault. That God someone is warming up to that fact! HA

  5. Andy sez: but I'd stay in until the dust settles. But that's just me.

    That's me, too. I only go out in this crap when it's absolutely necessary. Like when I run out of beer.

    RLM: Yeah, it is everyone's fault, but some have much bigger pieces of the pie than others.

  6. Great cartoon!

    I was wondering if spring (roaring like a lion) was coming early this year.

  7. Spring can't come SOON enough, Lou. I'm sick of winter already.


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