Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Bad You Know

An old but highly informative vid... which you can watch full-screen in 1080p if your connection supports that sorta thing:

My county... Roosevelt... has largely escaped the real pain, what with our unemployment rate never exceeding two per cent since the excrement hit the ventilating device.  I sure as Hell wouldn't want to be living in Michigan right about now.
R.L. Burnside on the subject:

"She asked me why... I just went on and told her..."


  1. Please, Buck. It's game day! No downers -- besides, the service industry in NOLA is bustling this weekend! Geaux Saints!

  2. We were at 7.5% in December, tied for 14th lowest in the country.

    And -- here's hoping New Orleans beats the crap out of Minnesota tonight.

    I thoroughly expect Ind. to beat the Jets, too!!

  3. Game day. Heh. Football season was OVER when the Crimson Tide won it all... But, that said, I realize I hold a minority opinion when it comes to the NFL. Good luck to your Saints, Moogie... and good luck to whichever team you're pulling for, Kath. As for me, I shall be rockin', rollin', and smokin' for the remainder of the day. Beer drinkin', too. ;-)

  4. I thought about you last night while watching the Vikings and Saints. It was a good game. I knew you did not watch the pros, but I couldn't remember why.

  5. WOW. I have never seen that recession video before ... it's downright scary to see the encroahment of unemployment marching across the country.

  6. Lou: I actually watched the Saints game last evening as there wasn't much else on. God was on N'Awlins' side last night.

    Sharon: Yeah, that vid is heart-rending, ain't it?

  7. Love me some R. L...makes even the economy seem better!


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