Sunday, January 24, 2010

Contrary to Popular Opinion...

... as expressed by R.L. Burnside (below), it really ain't all that bad.  We were out to Wally-World this afternoon for a lil  re-supply activity and noticed someone shut down the wind machine... which is to say it was (relatively) calm and pleasant outdoors.  

So, we returned to El Casa Móvil De Pennington, stowed our groceries away, and proceeded to take Happy Hour on the verandah for the first time in lo these many days.  And it was/is good.  Our cigar is a Gurkha Empire Series III (unlike the review we linked we found our cigar to be most pleasing... it must be all in the luck o' the draw, heh), our beer is a couple o' Fat Tires, and this was part of our soundtrack:

I'm sorely tempted to go off on the lyrics to this tune, as there's much that can be said relative to the sentiment expressed therein.  But no.  We shall save that krep for another day, go back outside and continue as we've begun... because contrary to what Mr. Mason & Co expresses above we are most certainly "Feelin' Alright."  It's just that kinda day.  I hope your day is much the same, Gentle Reader.


  1. It was in the 20s and windy here yesterday. Sunny and looked nice, but I declined on any thought of going outside for any activity.

  2. I think you're smart, Sharon.


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