Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's "WTF?" Moment

I wasn't gonna post today but I can't let this slide:

Major Nidal Hasan had his first hearing in the Ft. Hood murder case. The hearing was held in the hospital. His lawyer says he is paralyzed from the chest down, incontinent and in severe pain.
He will be tried in a military court, and additional charges may be pending. Military prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty.
How barbaric that the military will seek to kill a man with no sensation in his body from the chest down. He might prefer it (I certainly would) but it's inexusable behavior for a civilized society and way beyond the pale of decency.
I quote the post in its entirety and I will NOT link.  If you're curious go here and scroll down; it ain't too hard to find.    As for barbarity... I could show you "barbaric."  It's a damned good thing I'm not the head nurse on Maj. Hassan's ward.  I would make it absolutely certain his pain meds were "forgotten" or otherwise lost.

As for the original post and its author... the military is barbaric but not the perp, eh?  The Liberal Mind... ain't it a thing of beauty?


  1. Kind of makes one wonder doesn't it? Decency is they are keeping him in the hospital instead of the stockade. That is about all he gets. I agree with you on the nurse forgetting his pain meds, there Buck.

  2. Buck, it's kinda hard to be polite when we hear things like this. Do you suppose we should tell Hassan's lawyer about the people his client left crippled and injured? Nah. Poor Major.
    Walking away, mumbling under my breath.

  3. If they are in need of an executioner, I hereby state that I am available. Yep, I'm barbaric that way.

  4. I'm a little barbaric myself.

  5. Y'all are cruel...and "unusual." Heh! I reckon that's why you're blogging on a Sunday night before Thanksgiving week.

    Buck, the Liberal Mind is truly a thing of beauty...if you're into like Picasso is a good artist, or rap music.

  6. That's the country we live in. One side respects the military and the other thinks they're all slobbering killers. One side thinks the most important thing is to show respect to the killer, and the other wants to avenge the killers victims.

    The Liberal mind... Pffft!

  7. The bastard doesn't deserve any kind of dignity or kindness whatsoever. Good riddance he got paralyzed, if he isn't put to death for his horrible acts, he can't escape from a prison. He will never be able to walk, never be able to have sex, never be able to even shit without someone else's help. Serves that bastard right.

  8. Absolutely ludicrous! But that's the mind of a liberal for you.

    I think they should cut off his pain meds, and all care for that matter. Throw him in solitary, and let him die a slow painful death from infection.

  9. Hey, a person that does not have feeling does not require pain med's so, I'd cut them right off. Also, since he won't be needing his legs I'd chop them off and cauterize the ends with a blow torch. As for the execution, how about a nice big ole fire!! Oh how horrific, the carbon footprint of that kind of execution would be too much to for the Loony-Lefties to endure. Commie asshat all of them!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  10. Nothing like pain to turn those minutes into agonizing hours!

  11. All y'all are HARD core! I like that quality in a man/woman. ;-)

  12. MissBirdlegs in AL23 November, 2009 11:16

    My comment is NOT decent...!! Second blog I've seen today that made me say ugly words.

  13. If the liberals see this, they'll take away my card ...

    Shoot him. I'll volunteer to do it. I'll bring my own weapon and bullets.

    There isn't even any need for a trial. He was caught in the act. Just do it -- now.

  14. It isn't even what I think about it, it's what the victim's families think. And feel.

    We have become so unbelieveably PC about everything that we dare not "infringe" on the "rights" of the "alleged perpetrator".

    And truthfully, didn't this happen because of everyone being so politically correct and nobody wanting to have the finger pointed at them for saying this guy was going off his rocker -- sorry, alldged rocker.

    I know, I know, preaching to the choir. But I just lose my patience with this kind of crap. What else needs to happen? How many others needs to be killed and injured?

    To me this is the MOST EXTREME case and should prove how far around the bend we've gone on being PC.

  15. My mind wanders to a right-wing version of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Klaatu and Gort fly in to deliver the message: Earth is going to be incinerated because mankind is too brutal and barbaric to be allowed to survive. The aliens have been watching us for centuries, waiting for us to improve, and now the fatal decision has been made.

    Our crime?

    We aren't executing our guilty fast enough. We keep coming up with liberal bullshit reasons not to. The aliens have had enough. Zap.

    Ahhh....Rod Serling should have put me in charge.

  16. "How barbaric that the military will seek to kill a man with no sensation in his body from the chest down."

    If we just called his execution a late term abortion they would march in the streets for more of them.

  17. I can't add anything better than what has already been said here. I do like BRs solution. As much as I'd like to fire the kill shot on this POS, my evil side says git him life in solitary, in pain, and sitting in his own... crap.

  18. Small-Tee wins the thread! But you must be present at the drawing to collect your prize, yanno? ;-)

    Katy: Sorry I contributed to your use of bad language... but it IS deserved, in this case.

    Kath: I agree wholeheartedly on your PC observations. This event, however, just might be a turning point. Small, VERY small, consolation.

    Rude: You and BR make good points. He's young... so he could look forward to MANY years of pain and isolation. In that regard life in prison without parole would be a just punishment. OTOH, why in the Hell would we want to support him?

    Lori... you're getting closer and closer. You may just have to develop a whole new circle of friends, coz your buds just don't take kindly to apostates. And you KNOW from whence I speak.

  19. Just put a nurses uniform on Lorina
    Bobbitt and let her work out on the guy....

  20. "Lori... you're getting closer and closer. You may just have to develop a whole new circle of friends ..."

    You will be amazed at what came out of my mouth yesterday. I know I was. I was talking with "our" Deb on the phone about her daughter Kristin, who you may remember as a cute 2 or 3 year old and who is now a 33 year old who looks even more like her mother. (Kristin is a mom herself now.) Deb was complaining about Kristin complaining about Deb's opinions on "the healthcare debate," and I said ...

    You ready for this?

    I said ... "Deb, I don't know if it's Kristin's age or the people with whom she hangs out [long-term university types in Portland, OR], but she immediately goes into a liberal, defensive posture."


    What is happening to me?

    ; )

  21. What is happening to me?

    Well, I dunno coz I ain't there. But I'm thinkin' that whatever's in play here is GOOD. I submit it's a function of age, Lori. We've had this discussion before, and perhaps I just got older, quicker, than you. ;-)

  22. Well, there was that Detroit thing ... ; )

  23. Hunh? Detroit? I'm a lil bit in my cups, so I'm not quite gettin' that...

  24. How can he be in pain if he no longer has any feeling? confused.

    But, have you heard Khalid Sheik Mohammed's lawyer? He makes this guy look tame...

    Save us from the lawyers...

  25. Cynthia: From what I read one can still have feeling yet lose motor control when paralyzed. There are supposedly different nerve sets.

    And yeah, I saw KSM's lawyer on my teevee yesterday. Which only serves to reinforce the cluelessness of Holder and The One, eh? They couldn't see this coming? REALLY?

  26. Re Detroit: I was thinking (although my memory may be failing) that it was after you lived in/around Detroit, Buck, that you threw away your Liberal card in favor of a Conservative card. Yes? No?

  27. Nope... I moved to Detroit in '85; I got my conservative card five years earlier -- the 1980 presidential election. Four years of Carter killed my liberal tendencies DEAD.


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