Saturday, November 21, 2009


Just finished watching the Michigan - Ohio State game... and I had my hopes up until about four minutes into the fourth quarter.  But alas, the hated Buckeyes pulled it off... 21-10. In the Big House.  This game is one of college ball's best and longest rivalries, but the bloom is coming off the rose the farther I get from Michigan in both space and time.  I'd like to say today's game was a good one but again: alas.  I just can't.

So we now switch over to the ND - UConn game, already in progress.  It's only late in the first, but this game looks more promising:  ND is up, 7-0.  Yeah, I know... if the Michigan game was so bad, why didn't I switch over to the Irish and catch the kick-off?  Can you say "glutton for punishment?"  I thought ya could...


  1. Buck, Michigan courted Les Miles before they hired Rodriguez. But, Miles was living off Saban's team, and figured he could milk LSU for several million before we fired him.

    Sharp guy, that Miles is. Hopefully, the Wolverines will court him once again, and everybody will be happy.

    Wolverine fan, huh? My SN2 lives in Columbus, and is a huge tOSU fan. I do not know where I went wrong. Sigh...

    Pal, it must be double tough today. UConn? In front of Jesus and everything? Man...

  2. Andy: The Big Blue fandom comes from living in Detroit for ten years. You almost HAVE to pick one: Blue or Green. Notre Dame is universally hated, too, except for the alumni living in Michigan, of which there are many.

    I watched your Tigers lose last night and like ALL the analysts I came away from that thinking "WTF? Where was the field goal unit? Why didn't they call a time out?" That sort of bad decision-making in 1-A ball is astounding and inexcusable.

    And yeah: watching ND lose yet another close one hurt. Especially given the day and they were at home. Weis is toast.

  3. Maybe The Dame will hire Miles. And, we're getting pretty used to "WTF?" when it comes to that guy. Regardless, we really shouldn't have been in that game...without the blocked FG touchdown, stupid play by OM's kick return team, and OM's own incompetence, it woulda been a blowout.

    Heh! my word verification is arman

  4. I agree with your LSU analysis, Andy.

    re: ND hiring Miles... or anyone else, for that matter. MayDay made a good point on "College Football Final" last night... firing Weis, buying out his contract and spending big-bucks to hire another coach is gonna cost ND some SERIOUS money. So mebbe Weis will survive one more season. All bets are off, really. Football is second only to Catholicism in South Bend... but money talks, too.

  5. Not many "stute's" today Buck, where's everyone at?

  6. It's Sunday, the weekend before the holidays, and my subject matter, methinks. Traffic is down today, now that you mention it. Low for a Sunday, even.

  7. Glutton for punishment, glutton for punishment.
    Ya know, that has a melodic ring to it.
    Now I want to make you a Lobo fan.
    Glutton for punishment....

    Oh, yeah, our newspaper here headlined the fact they won a game. First (and likely only) one they won this year.

  8. Go Bucks! Let's see if they can win a damn BCS's been 4 seasons, but beating UM makes up for just about any bowl loss.



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