Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maturity Attack

Remember this post?  Wherein I take Levi Strauss to task for flogging "Tokyo Worn"... which is to say artificially aged, torn, and holey... Levis at exorbitant prices?  And offered up these at the same price to any and all takers?  To wit:

Last chance, Gentle Reader, as we've had a "maturity attack" and have consigned said Levis and one other similarly "Portales Worn" (and San Francisco and Rochester, NY, among other places... choose your adjective) pair to the trash.  But it ain't TOO late to save 'em.  The trash won't go out until tomorrow or the next day.  Make me an offer... the pair pictured above are size 28x30, the other pair are size 29x30.... and you KNOW you want 'em!


  1. Gee. Um . . . The budget is so tight . . . um . . . We have health insurance premiums to pay . . . um . . .

  2. Well, what I really want is to have the 28 or 29 part of that size back on my body. Alas, I left that behind (pardon the semi-pun) at around age 24.

  3. Ah, Moogie. You're missing your chance, yanno? :D

    (Minor aside: I hope no one thinks I'm serious about selling these things!)

    Jim: And I wanna get back up to at least a 30 inch waist...

  4. That looks like a perfectly good pair of jeans to me. If they haven't picked up the trash yet, it is not too late to save your jeans!!!!!

  5. Sharon: I WILL admit to second thoughts. The trash hasn't made its way to the dumpster yet... I might retrieve them.


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