Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trendy... Or, What Goes Around Comes Around

We all have our quirks, habits, and a certain way of doing things. One of my quirks/habits is the fact I've worn only Levi's jeans since I was in my teens, and only Levi's 501s for about the last 25 years or so. I also did that Dr. Hook kinda thing back in the early ‘70s… which is to say:
I've got a freaky old lady name o' Cocaine Katy
Who embroiders on my jeans
Except there wasn’t a Cocaine Katy in my life (well, there wasn’t one who did embroidery work, anyway)… I did my own stuff for the most part, and it was less embroidery and more patching… with different colored swatches in paisleys, bright red, green, or whatever sort of rag was lying around. And hip store-bought patches too. My jeans needed patching, as I kept them until they were literally falling apart. But I came by all the holes, worn spots, rips, tears, and the like honestly. “Stone washed” and “aged” denim hadn’t appeared on the market… yet.
So… I’ve been known to buy my jeans direct from Mr. Strauss’ company out in SFO and I’m on their mailing list as a result. Here are a couple of shots from an ad in this morning’s in-box:
Heh. Commercially-provided age... complete with rips and tears… all yours, for a price. And note the frickin’ price in the second shot! One hundred eighty-five Yankee Dollars for “Tokyo Worn” jeans. By contrast, here’s a pic of “Portales Worn” jeans, which cost substantially less:
I think I’ll stay with the above. Alternatively… if you’d like to give me $185.00 for ‘em (size: 28x30), drop me a comment and let’s talk. I might could be persuaded.


  1. I started out wearing only 501 shrink to fit Levis also. Toby, being a cowboy, only wore Wranglers. Now days, there are just so many jeans out there that are just as good and cheaper than Levis (Wranglers are still pretty cheap) that we both wear whatever fits. It seems our sizes have changed lots over the years, and size plays a LARGE part in what jeans we choose.

  2. Size drives MY choice, too, which is why I've bought direct from Levi's. It's really danged hard to find 28" waist size 501s these days... even Levi's doesn't have much in that size, and usually nothing at ALL. The obesity epidemic is killing me...

  3. My daddy wears 501s. Somehow I can't picture him wearing any other.

    My jean choices are wranglers, rockies and cruel girl (all available at the Creighton's Town and Country feed store across from Cattle Baron). The pair I'm wearing today I've had for about 10 years and have very large holes throughout the legs. The sheriff saw them the other day when we were on a call for a wreck and asked if Jeff couldn't afford to buy me new clothes. LOL! Told him not on a firefighter/farmer's salary! Since then Jeff has forbidden me to wear them in public anymore.

    Wonder if I could get $185 for them on ebay?

  4. I really feel sorry for those who don't have the energy to wear out their own jeans. Do you suppose they also need someone to cut up their food?

  5. Nothing but Levi's for as long as I can remember. I've tried others here and there, but nothing else works for me.

  6. Buck, When Bo was younger and doing his rodeo thang, he wore Wranglers 28X38. So did another young man that rodeoed with Bo. I never could find those jeans in NM, but I could come to WF and buy up as many pairs as I needed.

  7. Inseam is the bane of my existence.

    I am a 34x31. Know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans with a 31? Near impossible, sometimes. I usually settle for a 32 and wind up with ragged ends after a while.

    Life is just so frickin' tough :-)

  8. Jenny sez: "Wonder if I could get $185 for them on ebay?"

    I'm thinkin' "yes." Yours are the Real Deal... not pre-worn and holed. Authenticity commands a premium, ya know. ;-)

    SuzieQ sez: "Do you suppose they also need someone to cut up their food?"

    That wouldn't surprise me, in the least!

    Andy: You and me both... except I gave up trying other brands years ago.

    Lou: I've looked ALL over, but I can't... won't... wear anything other than 501s. That's a problem these days.

    Jim sez: "Know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans with a 31?"

    Well, no... not really. But it can't possibly be harder than trying to find a 28" waist size!

  9. Lou, when I worked at Western Wearhouse in Albuquerque, we sold 28x38 all the time! In fact, I'm sure we even had 28x40 as well. $2.00 more for those because of the length. There was no shortage of tall skinny cowboys when I was in high school and working there.

    I have a hard time finding my husband's size. 42x36 are hard to come by. most, er, large waisted guys aren't also 6'5". Likewise, sometimes it's hard for me to find 36" length for myself.

  10. Hard to not like a guy wearing 501s. :)

    And ... oh the memories .... of the late 60s and 1970s embroidering jeans. I never had the heart to throw mine away -- I still have them packed away here somewhere -- after 30+ years.

  11. Buck, How the heck do you stay so skinny?

    Lucky feller!

  12. Jenny sez: "There was no shortage of tall skinny cowboys ..."

    Well, short skinny guys seem to be in (ahem) short supply, of late. It's danged hard for me to buy clothes these days.

    Sharon sez: "I never had the heart to throw mine away -- I still have them packed away here somewhere -- after 30+ years."

    You've had better presence of mind than me, Sharon. I should have saved mine, and I kick myself when I think of them... ALL of 'em. But, noooo... they got tossed. Dang.

    Darryl sez: "Buck, How the heck do you stay so skinny?"

    It's a frickin' CURSE... I swear.

  13. Jenny, We would shop in Alb. for jeans and sometimes find a pair, but not many. Maybe they were just all sold out. Usually I was buying for my son and for his friend. When I would shop in WF, the lady would say how many do you need and keep pulling them off the rack.

  14. Used to be a Levi's man myself. However, since I started riding horses, I've switched over to Wrangler 13MWZ's. The seAms and pockets are designed to fit in the saddle.

    And at $24.95 a pair, they are cheaper than, and just as durable as Levi's.

  15. Buckskins: "Cheaper" appeals to me. But I'm thinking I'll never change. It's been too long.

  16. I have never owned a pair of their Jeans. Ironic, because my paycheck is directly dependent on Mr. Strauss in a long, winding, roundabout fashion (but no, I don't work directly for LS&Co).

  17. Gosh, Katy... how could you NOT? :D

  18. I don't get the big deal...I spend $200 on my jeans and they look excellent. 200% better than buying unflattering crap at the Gap. If you're going to wrap your ass in denim, why not look gorgeous doing it?

    There is a huge difference on the ladies side of boot scooting wear.

  19. (size: 28x30)Two words: Skinny bastard!;-)

  20. Daphne: I would NEVER even begin to criticize women's fashion. Unless it falls in the space of anorexic models and certain "designers" and the infrastructure that perpetuates that sort of culture.

    Doc: Yeah, I know. As I said... it's a curse. I'm half serious.


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