Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snippets From the AOR

Back to work, Col H has a lot for me to do already. This place makes Balad look like a 5-star cruise. My favorite sightseeing highlight were the two minefields…don’t worry…I plan on staying FAR away from those places.

The net connection won't be established for a good while. While they do have net available, it's only in the "mods" and I'm in a tent. I had better living conditions as a two-striper in Desert Storm! I'll be in this tent for a long time...possibly up to 3 months! There's only 1 place on base that has wireless, and I've heard it's VERY slow, due to the number of people trying to access it all the time.

The one big (good) change from Balad is I can access your blog from the GOV machine. So that's cool!
(we were talking about cigars) There's actually a "smoke shack/observatory" at the entrance to our compound. I picture myself there until the move to the mods...There's a Chief here with over 100 cigars! I know we'll be smoking a couple together...

I'm told there are Cubans at the bazaar on Saturdays...but I didn't make it there yesterday. I'll have to check that out next weekend. I've spent very little money here, so buying the occasional cigar will be one of my treats...
Heh. There might have been talk of smuggling involved here. And there might not.  There's also a care package in the mail with a few Deep Dishes in it.  The Captain needs trading material for his interactions with that Chief.


  1. I find it interesting after reading lots of Iraq War blogs to now reading about Afghanastan. I really have not read too much on the politics inside AF as was apparent with Iraq, but the mountains sure make a better backdrop to photos.

  2. Agreed on the scenic value, Lou. The Af is arguably a helluva lot harder, too.

  3. "I really have not read too much on the politics inside AF"

    Yeah, might be worth your while not to even bother...I've been studying it since 2001 and I still barely get any of it. :-p

    "There's a Chief here with over 100 cigars!"

    New goal set for when I deploy: bring more cigars with me than that Chief.

    "I had better living conditions as a two-striper in Desert Storm!"

    I could make the obligatory chAir Force officer joke, but I won't since I caught myself mentally cussing out billeting here at Elmendorf when I had to shave with lukewarm water this morning.

  4. Mike: So... aside from the lack of hot water, how's Elmendorf treatin' ya?


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