Monday, August 31, 2009

Right Now

We had about three hours of solid, steady rain last night... from around 2300 hrs until just after 0200.  And this is what we look like this morning:
El Casa Móvil De Pennington

My windows are wide open, the air is unbelievably clean and sweet smelling, there's a slight (10 mph) breeze, the temp is 64 degrees, and the coffee is hot and fresh. 

Out front of El Casa Móvil... looking east.

My Baby after she went through God's Own Car Wash.  Ain't she purty?

I'm thinking Monday mornings just don't get much better than this.  (Added, after some thought: unless you get an "eye opener" while the coffee's brewing.  And THEN it don't... can't... get any better.)


  1. Nothing like a nice cleansing rain to make the soul stand up and breathe deep.

  2. Jim: You can't believe how good I felt when I woke up this morning. The sound of rain on the roof is better'n ANY lullabye, and the freshness of the morning was the icing on the cake.

  3. Buck - I agree completely. Falling asleep to the sound of rain is the best way to get a truly restful night's sleep. And the AM, when the sun is out and all around you is sparkling with nature's diamonds? It's just breathtaking.

  4. This little taste of cool weather makes me so ready for fall, but I know the temps will go back up. I must prepare my soul.

  5. Jeez, shut up about the rain already, you're killing me over here.

  6. I not only sleep well to rain on a roof, I sleep well to rain on a tent--including severe thunderstorms. Once we were camping with friends, and a very noisy one rolled over in the afternoon. I promptly sacked out for a nap. The wife's goddaughter ducked into our tent for shelter, with lightning booming very close by.

    According to my wife, they had a conversation entirely of gestures, because the thunder was too loud for talking. The goddaughter pointed to me, asleep, with her eyebrows up. The wife replied with a shrug, a roll of the eyeballs, and pulled out the cards for a game of rummy.

  7. Hi Buck! We've got the cool temps today too... just had the tropical depression blow through here a couple of days ago. Seems to have made the difference. I love sitting on the porch first thing in the morning with a good cup o'joe.

  8. Kris: You're oh-so-right in your descriptions.

    Lou: We're back into the 90s today, and the AC will be on later. (sigh)

    Daphne: I feel for ya, really I DO.

    Gordon: One thing the military taught me was how to sleep virtually anywhere, at any time. So I can relate... :D

    Alison: Yup... we're ALL about porch-sitting in the coolness in these parts, too!

  9. Buck I love that car! I thought it was an MG at first glance but the other M is just as good ;) I haven;t been around too much lately on blogs I suddenly found everything sooo deeply, reports ya know. It's always good to stop by here :) Thought of you at the weekend when they were dishing out Czech beer by the pint load!

  10. Alison: I hear ya about "depressing." I've been off politics for a while, of late, because I feel much the same way. And thanks for the comments on my car, aka The Green Hornet. She'll be nine years old next month and is closing in on my personal record for longevity in a car. She's also been as reliable as a brick during that time, as I've suffered mo major problems or issues at all. We should be knocking on wood along about now... :D


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