Monday, August 31, 2009

CDR Salamander Wins The Innernets...

... for hosting THE most entertaining comments section I've read in quite a while.  About this:

NOT safe for work... repeat NOT WORK SAFE... unless your workplace tolerates lotsa profanity, including the big mo'fo ... and lots of 'em, too.

But... back to the comments over at CDR Salamander's... wherein all the Old Salts, both O's and E's, come out of the woodwork to weigh in on the propriety of the above video.  Unbecoming, or not?  Good for morale, or not?  Indicative of the general decline of our culture, or not?  Decline of the Officer Corps (heh), or not?  "Never woulda happened in MY day," or not?  Opinions are shared, a minor flame war breaks out, and one person gets banned.

It don't get no better than that (I'm rather fond of this phrase today, no?) on the innernets, Gentle Reader.  Well, the military innernets, anyhoo.

About that vid:  I think it's pretty danged funny.  But then... I would.  But you knew that, Gentle Reader, dint ya?


  1. My favorite part of the whole thing is that everyone (with a couple of exceptions) seems to think that the JOs came up with the audio on their own, completely missing the fact that the audio is stolen from a video satire of the typical ostentatious bling blingin' pimpin' hoes obscenity laden rap video, not to mention spoofing T-Pain's ridiculous use of auto-tune. I mean, seriously...listen to the damn lyrics. "Nautical themed afghan"? "f**ked a mermaid"? They're ridiculous, which is the whole point.

    To my way of thinking that little minor detail completely changes the tone of the video.

    But yes, I agree...that comment thread was epically ridiculous.

    Also, I think only one other guy at the CDR's place caught this, but I was digging the SDK at the end of the video. Old School is the way to go. If the USAF wants to solve its (non-existent) service dress "problem" in one fell swoop, all they need to do is reintroduce the uniforms we were wearing in the '40s and '50s. Problem solved.

  2. Hey Buck,
    Naturally, I make a stop at The Phib every day, I saw the video and kept out of it.

    I do appreciate the intended humor, but using the foul language from the original spoof audio was double-plus ungood. I hope that these young Officers get out of this with their career's intact but I doubt it, with this thing going viral. Plus, the Shoe Navy is unbelievably vicious.

    Waste of good talent.

    The video is funny!

  3. Noted on the vid, Mike... and thanks for pointing the original spoof out in mid-thread over there. Given as how I HATE hip-hop (and am thus largely ignorant of its ins-and-outs) the fact the audio was a spoof would have flown right over MY old gray head. Agreed on the uniforms, too... to a point. I'd draw the line at those one-piece fatigue uniforms of days of yore. Those were UGLEE. That said, I did have me a couple of sets of the old one-piece white coveralls the missleers wore once upon a time. They were great for working on the cars and bikes...

    Darryl: I hope those JOs get away clean, too. Let's see if SN2 weighs in on the viciousness of the Shoe Navy... coz he are one. :D

  4. The Lonely Island has some pretty funny stuff...Dick in a Box (perfect for Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah!), Jizz in my Pants (exactly what it sounds like), and Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions (also exactly what it sounds like).

    As for the uniforms, I was just talking about the service dress. The current jacket sucks and the pants are designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. Utility wise we need to all (DoD wide) adopt the Marines' uniform...they're the only ones who aren't screwing it up in some way (the Army wasn't too bad right until they realized they might have to fight somewhere other than the concrete and dust of Iraq.)

  5. I watched and listened for a bit, but it was too much for me - even trying to keep an open mind, it was not my cup o' tea.

    My word verification: ranter

  6. Dangit! Late to the party: This video has been removed by user



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