Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thin Line

So... we heard one of our favorite Kinks tunes this morning on our Very Expensive Radio and went looking for it on YouTube... only to find this:

I say "only," coz The Sopranos ain't exactly in keeping with the political sentiment of this song.  There is a much better video to go along with the tune on YT, but once again: "embedding disabled by request."  More's the pity, that, because the video is done in gorgeous black and white, features EXCELLENT imagery, and the song's ending isn't truncated.  But... back to the song itself.  I do realize the song is Anglo-centric, but the message is more than applicable to these United States.  The beauty of the song is in its politically androgynous nature... meaning you can take what you want from it, be you Left or Right.  Me... I prefer to think this is all about the demise of Classical Liberalism (as opposed to the damnable co-opting of the term by Progressive Liberals) and core American (and English!) values.  Your mileage may vary, but I hope it doesn't.


Our weather forecast here on The High Plains of New Mexico calls for unusually moderate temps, what with a predicted high of only 82.  It's 79 warm and pleasant degrees as we peck this blurb out, our windows are wide open, and soft breezes are floating in, out, and around our shoulders as we finish up the "morning" coffee.  We're gonna try and live on a climatic Thin Line today (heh... there's the title tie-in), which is to say without air conditioning.  About which... it will be MUCH easier to do if we spend the majority of our time outdoors.  So... we shall quit mucking about on this peesee, crank up the volume on the Allman Bros, and take the last of the coffee on the verandah.  With cigar.

I hope your weekend is progressing famously, Gentle Reader.


  1. MissBirdlegs in AL30 August, 2009 14:45

    I have the doors and windows open today, too! No A/C so far. Very strange for the last of August, since we usually have summer through September and sometimes into October. Won't last, of course, but in the meantime - I'm lovin' it!

  2. Thanks for the music. It has been cool here for this time of year - Thank God. My windows are open this morning and I am drinking coffee and listening to your music.

  3. Yesterday was BRILLIANT, Ladies. I made it through the entire day with no AC, and today looks to be a re-run of yesterday. Yays!


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