Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's For Dessert?

If it’s on the menu at any good restaurant I’m eating in, you can bet it’s what’s for dessert. I’m speaking of crème brulée. But there’s not a restaurant within 150 miles of me that features my all-time favorite dessert, more’s the pity.

I have, however, found a reasonable facsimile and something I’ll buy more of… a LOT more of… Ben and Jerry’s Crème Brulée ice cream. If you google it you’ll find reviews are about 3:1 favorable (FWIW). I suppose it helps if you approach the dish as a custard-based ice cream instead of expecting something like a real (albeit frozen) crème brulée. It ain’t that, most certainly.

But Hey! This stuff is danged good, even if it’s a
serious diet killer at 310 calories per quarter pint. I’ve been known to eat an entire pint of Cherry Garcia at a single sitting, but there’s NO way I could do that with Crème Brulée… it’s just too danged rich. I can do a half-pint, though. Easily. Been there, done that, hope to gain weight.


  1. I'm a creme brulee fan, too

    This just sounds way too dangerous for words!

  2. And the best thing is, B & J is now corporate-owned, so you can eat it without feeling guilty for supporting left-wing causes!

  3. B&J - a major weakness for me. I haven't eaten any in nearly 2 years...Phish Food being my favorite.

    It is a diet killer - hence my B&J-barren lifestyle.

  4. I agree with Gordon, never would buy B&J because the those two morons political B&S...maybe now, with the corporate logo, I'll give it a try....but at that calorie rate, my recently lost 12 pouns, with 15 to go, could be at risk.

  5. Cynthia: It IS dangerous if you're counting calories. Otherwise? Mmmmm!

    Gordon: You have a point there, but I've never let political views keep me apart from something good to eat. I have lotsa experience dealing with guilt in other places, Left-wing food is small-beer by comparison.

    Kris: I admire your will power... but I know B&J makes Phish Food in their "light" variety. Is that out, too?

    Pat: "All things in moderation" should get ya by, no?

  6. I've always been a tad irritated that the French lay claim to this English dessert! That ice cream sounds DELICIOUS! I'll have to look out for it.

  7. alison: The French lay claim to a lot they shouldn't, ya know! ;-)

  8. Well, Gordon, thanks for that info! I have always avoided Ben & Jerry's like the plague because of their left wing wacko beliefs and causes.

    Now maybe I can indulge without guilt.

    As a diabetic, I cannot eat a bowl of regular any-brand kind of ice cream. But I buy the smallest containers I can find and have a spoonful every now and then.

    I don't think I have had Creme Brulee. Is it anything like Dulce de Leche? -- that is my FAVORITE kind of ice cream.

  9. I'm with Towanda, but I do have a bit of that kind of stuff from timer to time. (I have medicines to take of sugar levels and allow me to do my sinning.)
    I had been hearing and reading so much about about B&J's Cherry Garcia I asked Wild Thing to pick up a pint. It took all of 3 spoonsful to convince me that it was just one more undesirable ice cream as far as I was concerned. However, WT was more than happy to gobble mine down.
    Now I've gotta try an English IC with a French name.
    You're not doing my diet any good, you know.

  10. Buck - ice cream - any kind really - is like crack to an addict for me. I can do plain ole vanilla in moderation - but not much else, even in the "lite" variety.

    My 34 pound weight loss would suffer most extremely.

  11. Sharon sez: "I don't think I have had Creme Brulee. Is it anything like Dulce de Leche? -- that is my FAVORITE kind of ice cream."

    I dunno, Sharon... I've never had that, or I don't recognize the name, anyway. But B&J's crème brulée is awfully danged good!

    Cat sez: "You're not doing my diet any good, you know."

    Oops... sorry, Cat. ;-)

    Kris: Dang... sorry to hear that! Srsly.

  12. You know, I've never had B&J's as far as I know, and not for any political reason. It is more about location and price and diet.

  13. Creme brulee is huge fun to make at home - everyone needs an excuse to have a small blowtorch in their kitchen. ;-)

  14. Lou: You should give B&Js a try, if you can find it. It's great good stuff.

    Barry: I hear ya about lil blowtorches. But my kitchen gadget collection has been downsized due to space considerations, specifically "lack of same." I tossed my blender... which was used mostly to construct margaritas... because it just took up too much space. The things I gave up to be mobile... and now I'm not mobile any longer, for all intents and purposes. (sigh)

  15. Space considerations...I know a guy who lives on a small houseboat docked in St. Paul. Nothing gets brought on board that doesn't have at least two functions.

  16. Gordon: It's almost... but not quite... like that here. I'm gonna have to do a purge pretty soon, tho... as crap seems to be overtaking my living space.

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