Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aggressive Behavior: It All Starts At the Top

I’m speaking of the goonish behavior of the Anaheim Ducks, of course. From Fox Channel 2 in Dee-troit:
DETROIT - As the Red Wings battled the Ducks on the ice Thursday night, there was a different battle going on in the press box.
While the players were on the ice exchanging handshakes, high above in an executive suite Ducks General Manager Bob Murray was seething over the controversial goal that ended his team's quest for the Stanley Cup.
A Detroit Police report lead to an assault investigation involving Murray. An upset and angry Murray, the report notes, picked up a high bar stool and hit 55-year-old Rachel Paris on the left chest, arm and shoulder area. She was treated by first aid personnel and interviewed by police.
Paris said in a phone interview she was in the press box working as a stage manager for a media outlet that she would not identify. A passionate Red Wings fan, Paris said Murray was apparently upset over her enthusiasm and used a stool on her to express his displeasure.
"I was taken to the boards by Bob Murray and survived the hit. I felt like I was cross-checked and I didn't even have the puck," said Paris.
Should Murray be charged with a criminal misconduct? Paris said "no" and declined to file a formal police complaint.
Heh. Truth really is stranger than fiction sometimes. Good on Ms. Paris for not pressing charges, though. Giving the story to the media is punishment enough.
(Photo credit: Fox2, Detroit)
(h/t: Kukla's Korner)


  1. Sounds like the women was a thing I leared years ago, back in my radio and TV News/Sports days.


  2. Pat: That maxim obviously applies only to sports and not politics, eh?

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