Sunday, May 17, 2009

NASA's Image of the Day

Astronaut John Grunsfeld working on the Hubble...

Nice hat!

You can follow the repair activity live on
NASA's Twitter feed, if that interests you. I'd be watching the process on NASA teevee, if my local Comcast outlet wasn't so damned lame. We unfortunates here in P-Ville aren't allowed NASA, ya know... but we DO have three shopping channels. Priorities, and all that. (/sarcasm)

Update: One can watch NASA's live TV feed on the web site, but my point remains: a 3" x 2" window on my PC ain't quite the same as watching it on my teevee. It's still fascinating stuff, though.



    We had the above image on the front page of the Times yesterday. So so stunning.

    Thanks for the link hints. I love this stuff.

  2. Gosh, Buck, we've got those 3 shopping channels too. Plus 7 Mexican language stations. And Fox "news". But no NASA here, either. And it is going to become way too expensive soon, I feel.

  3. It is larger on the Fox News stream -

  4. Looks like a half-popped kernel inside the Jiffy Pop foil, if you ask me.

  5. Been watching, on and off since they started the repairs, on the web site. If you double click on the window you go full screen and looks pretty good on my 22" desktop monitor..even good on the laptop, too. It's amazing to see the closeup work they have been doing. Blows this old broad's mind! 'Canes still in it!

  6. alison: I thought about posting that photo yesterday, as well. I got a kick out of the comments on the photo in The Times. Some were pretty funny!

    Cat: My cable bill.. if that's what you mean by "expensive"... is already there. $53 and change is TOO damned much for "basic" cable, IMHO.

    Cynthia: Fox had The One at Notre Dame on the stream when I checked your link here and on Twitter. But thanks for trying!

    Phil: Are you talking about Grunsfeld's "hat?" Agreed, if so.

    SuzieQ: I finally figured that out yesterday (the double-click thing)... just before the game began and I switched over to the Wings. Thanks. And yeah, I was amazed, too. Some folks may find this stuff boring, but it just fascinates me!

    I think your 'Canes have a better than even chance of pulling this thing off... what with Cam Ward playing like he is. The series WILL be interesting!

  7. Buck - that stream has 6 or 7 things on it at the same time - run your cursor over the picture and the menu drops down at the top... choose your program and click on it...
    watching the space walk now!

  8. Buck,

    Can you switch to DirecTV, or do they frown on the satellites where you are docked?

    I get the NASA channel with them.

  9. Cynthia: Thanks! Sometimes I can be SO clue-free for a guy who worked in the tech biz for over 15 years...

    Buckskins: I looked into both Dish Network and DirecTV a few years back, and neither org does those "Free this! Free that!" offers for folks who live in RVs... which is to say I'd have to buy ALL the equipment and do my own installation. The installation wouldn't be that much of a problem, it's the expense of buying something that everyone else gets free of charge that pisses me off... both in concept and execution. The equipment is pricey if purchased retail.

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