Saturday, May 23, 2009

Broadening Our Horizons, Yet Again

Yesterday was a red-letter day here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington... whereby we reaped the material rewards of blogging for the very first time. I've noted elsewhere and often the psychic benefits of blogging... which are numerous... but the tangible rewards? Far and farther between, they are.

First... Occasional Reader and commenter Bob Reese from Albuquerque is in the area this weekend and he dropped by yesterday afternoon with a cold sixer of my favorite Japanese beer in hand. Many's the mug and bottle of Sapporo that's been downed over the years, and Bob and I had a couple of those yesterday while we got better acquainted and "fixed the world," so to speak. Suffice to say Bob is exactly the sort of person I thought he was... smart, articulate, and with excellent taste in brew. A most enjoyable interlude!

Second... The Brown Truck of Happiness stopped by yesterday as well, delivering yet another six-pack of excellent beer sent on by Blog-Bud Ann from Montana. Ann offered to send me some of Great Northern Brewing Company's Wild Huckleberry Wheat Lager for my review and approval... I, in turn, offered to send her some of New Mexico's best salsa... and the deal was struck.

I had a couple of those Huckleberry Wheats while watching the Wings lose in overtime last evening, and was sufficiently impressed with the beer to write a mini-review at Beer Advocate. You can read my review of this fine beer plus 12 others here, if you're so inclined, Gentle Reader. OTOH, you could just click on the image below and read the review right now without having to go off galavanting around these inter-tubes.

Not bad writing for a man who was half in the bag and semi-despondent because his team lost an important game, eh?

But it's not the end of the world as far as The Beloved Wings go, it's just one game in a seven-game series... not to mention the fact we're still up 2-1 in said series. Still and even... it WAS depressing to watch the Wings go down 3-0 in the first period, come roaring back in the second period to tie with three unanswered goals... only to lose less than two minutes into the OT.

Oh, well...stuff happens.
It was a rather sad end to an otherwise brilliant day, though.


  1. At least you're not down 2 in the series! May have to start imbibing a little early this evening to get ready for the game..By the way, I loved the Beer Haiku!

  2. Sorry to hear about you, ahem, loss. At least they are still up by one.

    At least you had some good hops to help ease the pain.

  3. SuzieQ: Ah, I was seriously saddened last night, too. I think your 'Canes have met their match, unfortunately.

    Buckskins: Yeah, I was feelin' no pain (in ONE manner of speaking) when the game was over. :D

  4. SOME people bring you chicken soup. Ann and me, well.... You decide (I sure can't).

    Thanks for the compliments, and you're more than welcome. Least I can do is free beer for "free ice cream."

  5. Thanks again, Bob. It was a good a time.

  6. I agree that El Pinto makes some of the best salsa I have ever tasted.

    Haven't tasted the Chipotle they make but I love their Green Chile.

  7. Crysti: I mentioned (somewhere) that El Pinto is every bit as good as my first wife's home-made... and that's the truth. I think you'll like the chipotle... it's my (new) fave.

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