Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog Roll Addition

Takes its place on my sidebar
Oh, yes! Just because...


  1. Ahh, yes.

    Der Blonde Madschen; She is hot, and she drinks grosse bier! 20 years, ago...

    My Spousal Unit is watching the Hockey Game. With wine.

    I'm still a happy cat!

  2. I know that pic has "made the rounds," yet I think it's one of the BEST endorsements for beer I've ever seen, bar none. God only knows what that cutie looks like today, tho, given the German frau's propensity to broaden in the beam. And that's as far as I'll go on that subject! :D

    As for the game... a disappointing end after an exciting come-back by the Wings in the second period. I had low expectations going in last night and still expect this series to go six, with the Wings the ultimate winners.

  3. virgil xenophon24 May, 2009 00:08

    For doing this "just because" you have truly become a God among men.....

    PS: Years ago, before the PC police and the lawyers got involved, the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate (it's just the Advocate today--it's a one paper town now) used to have a little box outlined in thick black ink on it's op-ed page entitled: "I'll Drink to That!" with each day's "National (fill-in-the blank) Day. You know, like "Nat. Pickle Day", etc. LOL!! ALWAYS a reason!

    (Congress creates so many of them there's more than one for every day in the year. LOL!!)

  4. Whatever became of the beam, I'll bet that smile hasn't changed, and that would be worth waking up to every morning. ;-)

  5. Virgil: Thanks for droppin' in, and for droppin' that lil vignette about "National Whatevah Day" on us, too!

    Doc: You're right, ya know. A great smile makes up for a whole LOT of other deficiencies! She has nice eyes, too. :D

  6. Good Lord! Those gals don't look old enough to drink. Or old enough for me to be thinking what I'm thinking.

  7. I think they look old enough... on BOTH counts. :D

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