Sunday, March 15, 2009

Post Happy Hour Haiku

Warm sun on my face

Stevie Ray plays just for me

It’s bliss… of a sort.

Yeah... like that. Even considering the 5-7-5 structure is SO limiting...

(OK, Doc... I just HAD to try it.)


  1. Very good to know
    This day's been blissful for you
    Wish you many more!

  2. Water with limits?
    From hydrant’s wide mouth, a stream
    Squeezed through hose, a jet

    I'm sure you're teasing about the limiting, but I still had to write a response.

    For the record, I think my piece is clunkiest haiku I've ever seen. But that's a nice segue to mentioning this for any of your readers who don't click through to the comments at Doc's post:

    XKCD dude rocks! (As do also the Christians at, apparently.)

  3. Oh, it prompted "we're sorry, this video is no longer avaiable.": (
    Health is the Greatest Happiness
    The World at The Present

  4. Riffs right as rain ring
    True when words fail, and naked's
    A sport worth good jazz.

    But abstract artistes
    Will never be so cool as
    Cool Daddy-o Buck.

    Takes tunes and whiskey
    Smooth, his cigars and beer dark,
    Infinite good taste.

  5. Christina and Phil: You guys rock! And I didn't think yours was clunky at all, Phil. Nicely, done!

    Skywind: It plays for me, still. Re-loading the page helps sometimes.

    Doc: I surrender!! (and thanks for the masterful exhibition, not to mention the GOOD words!) :D


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