Monday, March 16, 2009

Go Wings!

From the AP (Red Wings top 100 points for NHL-record ninth straight season):
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- No need to hit the panic button, Detroit fans. Despite some bad games, rocky times and nagging question marks, the Red Wings are right back atop the heap.
Chris Osgood made 23 saves for his 49th career shutout, and the Red Wings beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-0 on Sunday to become the first team in NHL history to top 100 points in nine straight seasons.
The victory came eight days after the Blue Jackets humiliated the reigning Stanley Cup champions 8-2 on their own ice, with Osgood surrendering seven goals -- also on 23 shots.
"Anytime you're embarrassed it is [motivation]," Babcock said. "They're big boys, they're smart. They were up for the game. They suffered humiliation, just like anybody else. We needed to respond here today."
The Red Wings broke a tie with Montreal (1974-75 through 1981-82) for the NHL mark for consecutive 100-point seasons.
No one I know has hit the panic button but there has been some cause for concern… specifically the Wings’ problems in goal. Both Ozzie and Conklin have been inconsistent (to say the very least) and the defense have had their problems as well. Still and even, last night’s game is cause for celebration. It’s good to see Hossa back, too, and on form.
It's also worth noting the Wings clinched a playoff berth with the win, as well. And why is this significant? Because it's also another record... the Wings will be making their 18th consecutive playoff appearance this year, the best record in ALL of US professional sports. No one team in any sport has ever done this before. Period.


  1. Well Buck, I hope you get Versus cause the Red Wings are hosting the Flyers tomorrow night and we have had the same issue with Goaltenders. You never know which one shows up cause they are both good and they can both stink!!!

    Should be a fun game.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. Nice job. 18 years in a row? Not even my beloved Celtics accomplished that.

  3. I DO get Versus, Jimmy. But I have that surgery tomorrow... I'm hoping I'm awake enough to watch the game. The last time I went thru this drill I slept for about 12 hours straight after getting home from the dentist's.

    Jim: Yeah, it's a record that's liable to stand for some time.

  4. Buck, I feel your pain. Many, many years ago I had contact with an A-7 Corsair II atop the mighty U.S.S Independence. Lost the top front 4 teeth and cut my tongue almost in two. They did what they could for me on the boat which was a lot, saved the tongue. At the end of the deployment on our return to CONUS I was ordered to temporary duty to the US Navy Shipyard at Philadelphia for my dental "re-construction", and I do mean construction. Today, more than 20 years later I could cut through sheet metal with those choppers. Those babes are in there, let me tell you, they did great work at the PNSY!!

    This is all to say, that I spent many a day during that 4-months under the morphic sun. I do not envy you and what you will be going through. You at least have the good fortune of not having any of this done near a prime eating holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas like Me!!!!

    Good Luck, and I surely hope you are cogent enough to watch the game.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  5. Jimmy: I think I'd rather be going through my little event rather than yours. The whole thing sound just horrible! Thanks for your good wishes.



    They need the win more....Detroit is pretty much set with #2 or #1 seed in the West...Philly has some work to do(right now in the 4 hole, but others are breathing down their necks, especially Pittsburgh, who is RED HOT).


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