Sunday, March 15, 2009

♫♪ Happy Days Are Here Again... ♫♪

OK... so it ain't perfect (see: wind) but at least it's WARM. We shall now prepare for Happy Hour, scheduled to commence in about six minutes... or so. Read as: as soon as I can cut a ceegar and uncap and pour a 1554. Life is GOOD.


  1. Happy Happy Hour!!!

    Same amount of wind here and it is 46 which all things being relative - is warm!

  2. Happy Hour WAS good, although I stopped at two... beers and cigars.

    Well, one and a third cigars, seeing as how the second cigar was one of those C-Notes. :D

  3. Send some of that weather up north! We had snow, rain, and wind all day. It was rather miserable. I'm glad I rode that young horse yesterday.

  4. I'm glad I rode that young horse yesterday.

    And I'M glad you wrote about it!


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