Thursday, February 26, 2009

More From the Ag-Expo

Mostly photographs, mostly machinery. You know there will be more... later.

God, Country, and Agriculture!

1928 Caterpillar Model 30

Farmalls All In a Row

New Stuff (I liked the colors here, mainly)

Hay Rake - You wouldn't want to get run over by one of these!


A Tractor of a MUCH Different Sort!


  1. Geez. You get run over by one of those (is that a combine?) and you'd pretty much come out looking like a Swiss cheese.

  2. Can I have the 1928 Cat? It is so much more attractive than the tiny John Deere mowers around here. That is basically the "biggest" equipment I see :-).~Mary

  3. More pictures of attractive ladies, please.

    Everyone likes to see combines, alright. But I prefer the dairy air...

    I'll be here all night..

  4. nice pictures, as usual. Did you have fun with the new camera? We used to have some hay rakes like those. Hated them. Went back to our old kind.

  5. I agree with Barco Sin Vela II ( which I think is the name of your boat)in that I too enjoy nice Dairy Air..... That cracked me up...

  6. I like the red tractors. They look solid, substantial, like they'll last for a century, easy.

  7. More nice pics buck. Gotta comment on the Farmall's again...they are just too classy. And a few years represented. Of the three Super M's, no two are identical.

    Suldog, those aren't combines, they are hay rakes. After hay is cut, it has to be turned a couple times before it is baled, so that it can dry properly. They also rake the hay into windrows, so that it is easier to pick up with the baler.

  8. If the hay does not dry properly, it could "cook" and catch on fire - I've seen that happen to a neighbor.

    That 1928 Cat looks much like Toby's bulldozer, except Toby's has a homemade cab. I will get a photo sometime. It is pretty odd looking, but it works great.

    The "dairy air" comment was great!

  9. Thanks, Dan. It is the name of our bateau.

    "Punsters shall be punished", said the Thin Man.

    Buck certainly brings great photos to his site.

  10. Jim: re: Swiss cheese. Yeah, those big black rubber-coated tines wouldn't mess around.

    F&M: Thanks for dropping by. I think that Cat's owner might be willing to negotiate... ;-)

    DC sez: Everyone likes to see combines, alright. But I prefer the dairy air...

    You win the htread!

    Jenny: re: fun with the camera. I looked like a REAL geek, what with my gadget bag, the "big" camera slung around my neck, and the grab-shot camera, too (I took that parade video with the grab-shot). I should have gotten someone to take a picture of ME.

    Dan: re: DC's "dairy air"... Yup!

    Christina: Those Farmalls are legendary. Remember the Farmall Promenade video I posted (the square dancing tractors)?

    BR: Thanks for answering Jim's question while I was out of pocket.

    Lou: I'll be looking for that pic of your bulldozer!!

    DC: Thanks for the kind words.


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