Friday, February 27, 2009


It did my black and curmudgeonly little heart good to read this on Mark Ecko’s Complex Blog… “5 Reasons the NHL is Better Than the NBA.” Excerpts (links left intact):
Far be it for us to be the harbinger of economic doom, but the NBA may be headed for some tough times. In fact, let super-agent David Falk tell it: “I think [fixing the NBA system is] going to be very, very extreme, because I think the times are extreme.” Salaries are out of control, teams are losing money and the imminent end of the current collective-bargaining agreement is putting the 2010-11 NBA season in jeopardy. Sorry, but ain’t no Krypto-Nate stopping that.
So, what’s the solution? The NBA will always have its loyalists, but we have a suggestion that should be familiar to anybody who’s suffered through a declining relationship: Distance yourself now before the heartbreak, and start seeing other people. Or, in this case, another league. Yup, the NHL. Yup, ice hockey. Look, we understand that most of you are indifferent about, if not openly hostile to, following the NHL, but the time is right to give the league another chance. Read on for our top 5 reasons why it may be time to jump ship on the NBA…
The whole thing is most interesting reading. But I liked Mr. Ecko’s Number One Reason: “THE NHL HAS ALEXANDER THE GREAT.” There’s verbiage to back up that statement, but Mr. Ecko also posted this 1:01 vid as proof:
All y’all know I’m a die-hard Wings fan… but that said, I still think AO is the most exciting player in all pro-sports today. Those are some amazing goals!
And now it's off to re-size some more Ag-Expo photos. Back in a bit.


  1. Well, you know I'm a Celtics fan, Buck. And I live and die with them, so NBA comes first for me. Valid points, though.

  2. Read this article/post yesterday, and was happy as heck about it. I have long been anti-basketball, there's just nothing good about the people in the sport, from the players on up.

    HUGE Ovie fan. I would normally just hate on the popular guy out of some childish reflex that I have, but Ovechkin is both phenomenal and likeable, and he deserves all the credit he gets.

  3. I would much rather watch hockey than basketball, but then I would rather watch soccer than football.

  4. Jim: I know all about your love for the Celtics. Still and even... it looks like there are tough times ahead for the NBA.

    Andy: Agree with you completely where AO is concerned. I thought he was just TOO danged cool at the All-Star game!

    Lou: You're a GOOD woman! ;-)

  5. I have to agree with Andy on this one. Basketball currently comes across (to me at least) as a league full of thugs and criminals. As you probably know, the Seattle Sonics recently packed up and left for Oklahoma. A long story with many twists and turns. While there was a grass roots effort by some die hard fans, the overall sense is that most people in this area would have been happy to help them load the trucks.

    I used to be a huge NFL fan. Now, not so much. Too much money, too many personalities, and now loyalty on the part of the players or the teams. I miss the NFL of the 70's.

  6. I agree with both you and Andy, BR. But where the NBA is concerned... I'll watch the playoffs... just as I do with just about any sport. I, too, swore off the NFL about 20 years ago. There are just too many self-centered jocks with too much bling and bad attitudes for my tastes. I'm hoping the NHL never goes that way... and so far it hasn't.

  7. NHL ROCKS!!!

    You already know my sentiments on this, so I want go screaming anything here except...

    I think Malkin is better than AO, at least by point standings, since he is ahead. And AO makes my teeth grate when he sometimes acts too cocky when talking about other players.

  8. It's no wonder you'd think that, Michelle! ;-)

    But Malkin's point totals are largely assists; his 28 goals don't compare all that favorably to AO's 44. I could make the point that I think Datsyuk is better than either of them, because of his better two-way play (see: Selke Trophy) and his current +/- is nearly twice that of either AO or EM... but I won't. ;-)

    All that said: AO is simply exuberant in his play... it's obvious he loves the game, and he makes you smile just simply watching him. I wish more guys had that quality...


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