Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ah. It's the Weekend, Innit?

Occasional Reader and frequent commenter Buckskins Rule set up blogging shop earlier this month at “A Tale of Two Buckskins.” Why don’t you drop on over and welcome him to the ‘sphere? This doesn’t apply to Christina or Lou… coz they already knew. As for me? Late to the party, as ever.


This tweet made me smile this morning:

Lileks: Woke up this morning, everything was fine; realized anew no chance of being a bluesman. Woman had not done gone, for example.

(sigh) Me, too, James… but for entirely different reasons, such as: ZERO musical skill or talent in any way, shape, or form. That and I’ve never been to prison. Oops, beg pardon. That’s country, not blues.


I’ve played around with the new toy for a couple of days now and it has its ups and downs… like everything in life. The Ups include extreme portability… the thing is incredibly small for what it does and slips into your pocket quite easily… ease of use, and true HD video output. My videos look just as good in full-screen mode as they do in a small window.

And the Downs? That same small device size makes camera shake a real problem. The Mino is very hard to hold still and as a result there’s a lot of jiggle in the output. I haven’t figured out how to minimize the shake as yet… even though I bought a VERY small tripod… suitable only for table use and such — illustrated at left… and an “action mount,” which is a base for the camcorder you can attach to protrusions (like handlebars) by means of two Velcro straps. I haven’t tried that out yet.

The only other Down is the file sizes are HUGE, which one would expect with HD output. As an example… that 3:06 Ag-Expo video I took with my grab-shot camera is 9.2 MB in size; I shot a 4:23 video with the Mino and it’s 335+MB! I can see where disk space might get to be a problem after a while. Oh, well. I’m overdue on the technology refresh program by about a year, anyway. Looks like it might be time for a new computer… after the dental bills are paid, of course.


  1. Definitely concur on those file sizes.

    We use a Sony Cyber Shot SLR with video. Great photos, anti shake and superb video. It's just that each photo is like 3 Meg. I have too f^&* with this loser HP photo system to shrink the size before I can send or share.

    Next computer (in about a few weeks) will probably be a Mac.

    But keep those great pictures coming, especially of the nice ladies!

  2. Sorry about adding an extra o on "to".

  3. I love gadgets. I have been wanting a new camera or maybe one of those Amazon Kindle electronic book thangies. If Toby asks what I want for my b-day, you can let him know. I'm worried because he keeps looking at shotguns, and that is not what I want for my b-day.

  4. Thanks for the plug, Buck!

    Gonna keep my eye on your reviews of the new toy. Need to get a video cam myself.

  5. Hilarious tweet. Makes me think a little of the Oh Brother Where Art Thou scene in which a cousin tells the boys that "Mrs Hogwallop up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T."

    As for your $180 camera, you can solve all problems with a $1800 Steadicam and vest rig. And wouldn't you look sharp doing it?

  6. DC sez: I have too f^&* with this loser HP photo system to shrink the size before I can send or share.

    Same here... but I never use the HP app that came bundled with something I bought (my printer, maybe?). I've been using ACDSee for years and years now (v 4.0... I don't know what version they're up to now) and it works very well. I also have Photoshop Elements that I use for running my scanner and some limited editing work... but the learning curve with P-Shop is STEEP.

    Lou: The Kindle is pretty danged pricey, but I like the concept. I saw Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose this past week, and most of the hour-long interview was all about the Kindle, V 2.0. I think I'll keep my money until the price comes down, though.

    And if Toby asks me about your birthday present I'll be sure and tell him. ;-)

    BR: You're welcome (on the plug). I dunno if I'd buy a Mino if it were gonna be my only video camera. It works for me, but I'm just not THAT "into" video.

    Phil: I checked out the Steadicam link and I'd look really "interesting" were I to buy one for the Mino. ;-)

  7. Well, but the Mino so soooo cute!

    Anyway, as far as storage - I would never want to be discouraging to new tech toys or computers but external hard drives - USB external hard drives, is the way I've gone for storing and backing up. Maxtor/Seagate - Seagate has a blowout sale on Amazon - a 1 terabyte for 119.99. It is the side of 1/2 a hardcover book. If you want smaller they have their "FreeAgent Go" 500GB for 131.49.

    I have 2 of the 500mb 1/2 hardcover book size. One stays connected to my production laptop, the other is an offsite (motorhome) backup. Cheap storage and protection, getting cheaper (and smaller) all the time.

  8. I just looked at the Seagate direct site - cheaper than Amazon. $129.99 for the FreeAgent Go 500mb. And they make a MAC version...not sure which team you play for...

  9. I have an outboard HD that I use for back-ups, Ann. And it's getting full, too! ;-)

    That said... I normally refresh every three to four years where the PC is concerned... experience gleaned from my IT days. It's better to refresh periodically than to try and recover from a hard drive crash. Nothing is forever, in other words... and the current box is five years old, so I'm well and truly overdue.

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