Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So... I wake up this morning, fire up the coffee pot, and open up my e-mail for to begin the morning rituals here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington. The first thing I open up in mail is a note from Ann From Montana, who sent along a link to a most-excellent video on photography by one Zack Arias, a photographer based out of Atlanta. The film is short and I would classify it as "general interest," but is especially interesting to photographers of all stripes... be you an amateur, semi-pro, or professional.

While the video is most excellent (as noted) the thing that really piqued my interest after watching the vid was the body of the blog post that accompanied the video... the key words being "I shot it with The Flip Mino HD." Just by strange coincidence... the second thing I read this morning was one of those helpful lil love-notes we all get from Amazon -- today's being "Top Ten Deals in Electronics" -- and Number Six on the list is that same mini-video camera Mr. Arias used to film the video linked above. About which:

It'll be in my hot lil hands the day after tomorrow. And I promise I won't sing.

I can't believe I spent over two hundred Yankee Dollars before I finished my first cup of coffee. But Hey! I'm stimulating the economy... and that's my patriotic duty, innit?


  1. I bought a little HD digital video camera - not nearly as nice as the one you're getting - last year (an RCA "Small Wonder"). Have been capturing all kinds of good stuff with it - I think you will enjoy this hugely.

  2. Mino HD, looks good. Economic needs of all of us to co-stimulation. Hehe ....


  3. Too many toys...too little time!

    Have I contributed to the delinquency of a senior???

  4. "Have I contributed to the delinquency of a senior???"

    I love that question! I hope the answer is "Yes."

    I will remember it and the spirit with which it was asked forever.

  5. Barry sez: I think you will enjoy this hugely.

    I think I will, too. I'm hoping the small size will lend itself to a lot of use. The one and only other video camera I ever owned spent nearly all of it's life in the closet...

    Skywind: Yeah... we've ALL gotta stimulate our economies, eh?

    Ann sez: Have I contributed to the delinquency of a senior???

    Delinquency remains to be seen... but you MOST definitely were an accessory towards diminishing the bank account. ;-)

    Bob: Stay tuned. ;-)


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