Thursday, January 15, 2009


Being the basically shallow person I am (and one who NEVER tires of that “Annie Hall” reference)… I tend to agree with Edie Brickell when she says sings “Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box/walk on a slippery rock.” That said… I found this quiz interesting. And since the Quiz Results code appears to be broken, I took a screen-shot of my results, rather than attempt to paste broken code into this post. You’ll note we're in a dead heat when it comes to our philosophical alignment:

I’m a lil bit confused as to why “Justice” isn’t triumphant over “Hedonism” in the percentage rankings, even though the narrative is aligned properly. That's because of the way I answered this:

Tie Breaker

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. [X]

Pleasure should play a central role in our lives.

But, yeah. We ARE a bit hedonistic. More than a bit, actually, and there ain't a THING wrong with that. We're also big, big fans of “truth, justice, and the American Way” in these parts, as well. The two ain't exactly mutually exclusive. As for being 45% apathetic... Who gives a shit?

Here’s another one, which purports to tell you which of the leading philosophers you are most in alignment with:

Well, OK… I’ll buy that. The oh-so-brief narrative anyway. Except for the bit about the world following logic and common sense, what with precious little of either being immediately apparent to MY eyes these days.

Oh… and Edie’s song? “Embedding disabled by request.” But you can refresh your memory here, if the spirit moves ya. Good tune.

h/t for the quizzes: Phil at The Archer Pelican, by way of comments made by Doc at various places, including right here at EIP.


  1. The spelling was horrible in the Philosophy quiz.

    Allegedly, I am an Aristotlian. But then, I don't trust stupid quizzes that are misspelled.

    On the first, I am a Strong Egoism
    Your life is very much guided by the concept of Egoism: You work primarily to promote your own interests.

    That part is accurate. Indeed, it is ALL about the me.

  2. On the first quiz (I love these things!) I ranked;


    The second;

    Early Wittgenstein/Positivists


    Looks like a match, kind of.

  3. 100% was a little shocked...followed by 85% apathy and Justice/Fairness at 80%.

    Disturbingly accurate? Not sure...

    Just thought you'd find that interesting..

  4. Interesting results. :-D. I'll get around to taking it, I swear. Just busy prepping for four classes in a row tomorrow morning (and the occasional irresistible short post.

    Hope you have great weekend Buck.

  5. DC sez: But then, I don't trust stupid quizzes that are misspelled.

    Sloppy work makes me distrustful as well... no matter WHAT. I can handle a typo or two, but egregious spelling errors and the like says a lot to me, and none of it good.

    Daphne: I love these things, too. I don't put a lot of stock in 'em, but they ARE fun.

    Buck: I DO find your results interesting. The apathy thing is rather surprising, tho. If there's anything you're NOT it's apathetic. IMHO.

    Doc: Yeah, yeah... stir the pot and then walk away... ;-)

  6. As for being 45% apathetic... Who gives a shit?

    That made me laugh. I may take the quiz later when I have more time.

  7. I can't see your results from my work PC but I can take the quiz:

    90% Hedonism - You believe that pleasure is a great, or the greatest, good; and you try to enjoy life’s pleasures as much as you can.
    85% Existentialism
    75% Justice

    Oh hell yeah, I can agree with this. Former coworkers used to call me "Miss Living Large" - for good reason. My family's motto says it all:

    We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time.

  8. Divine Command 95%
    Existentialism 90%
    Hedonism 65%
    Justice (Fairness) 65%
    Utilitarianism 50%
    Kantianism 45%
    Apathy 40%
    Strong Egoism 30%
    Nihilism 10%

    About right, I think (therefore, I am.)

  9. My quiz results were similar to Suldog, although I think my apathy was lower.

  10. Kris: We're pretty close in our outlook. I like your motto... it could be mine, too.

    Jim: Your results are sorta what I expected.

    Yours, too, Lou.

  11. I was pegged as a Late Existentialist with a twist of lime, or something close to that.

  12. By the way, on the first test, I scored 100% on hedonism, existentialism, and justice. On the tiebreaker question I got "justice (fairness)" as the predominating concept.

    I am not sure what this qualifies me for, and but it sounds like it might be fun to find out.

  13. The "twist of lime" made me laugh right out loud... most literally!

  14. Agreed on your last, as well! Can I be a "fly on the wall" when you put this to the test? ;-)

  15. Thanks for the shout, and for motivating me to do the Quizfarm piece which I liked better than the other two.

  16. p.s. I updated my post to include results from this quiz, which incidentally made me think of a Van Halen song which is also linked.

  17. The quizzes were interesting, Phil... and thank YOU for posting the originals!

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