Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I feel like I owe ya, Gentle Reader, after yesterday's Humbug post. So... to make amends, here's a wonderful lil bit o' Christmas Cheer for ya.

H/T: Blog-Bud Andy. And if that doesn't do it for ya, there's a NEW version of "snowglobe" to play with. Be sure to listen to the song before ya shake the globe. It's pretty good.

You can buy the candles in the pic here.


  1. Maybe I should send you some tie-dye socks to cheer your holidays.

  2. I want some of the origami socks!

  3. That snow globe was an evil piece of work. I had my volume on high and it just about blew me across the room when I shook the little b*stard.

    I'm just going to pass on the obligatory Christmas post thing. I figure nobody will miss it, since 10 million other bloggers are putting up some sort of Holiday tidings.

    I may mark the day after with an ode to Vanderluen along with some prime totty though. Start a whole new blogosphere tradition that doesn't involve snow and elves and overdone crap like that.

  4. Hello my brother!

    I had the pleasure of seeing Sam and his family yesterday and I figured this was a great time to drop you a note. Since reconnecting with you it's been great to catch up with both Buck and Sam. I'm struck by my memory of these two little rascally boys I used to run around with when I was six years old and how they've turned out to be amazingly kind, responsible men. I only hope I've grown up as gracefully. Know that you've done a great job with them and be very proud of yourself. (I know you're proud of them!)

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Buck!

    Love, Jo

  5. Wow... Jo! I'm glad you got to see The Family Sam yesterday... that must mean they're back from Lompoc and down in Sandy Eggo again. You're right: I AM proud as all get-out of Buck and Sam... they've done good. The Lion's share of the credit for the way they turned out goes to Ramona, tho... not me. All I did was serve as a bad example, of sorts. ;-)

    I'm quite sure you've grown up in the same manner, Jo. I REALLY need to get off my ass and get out to California at some point in the coming year. Time just doesn't stand still...

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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