Monday, December 22, 2008

Apropos of Nothing...

Enter the confessional... and begin. "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned..." (I've never actually been in a confessional for its intended purpose but I have seen movies, so I think that's the way one begins). I had an e-mail conversation with a great good friend this morning who shares my current attitude toward the holidays (by that I mean the time period beginning with Thanksgiving and ending on New Years, which includes Christmas; I'm NOT being Politically Correct). To wit:

I hate the holidays. There are no other words for it. "Strong dislike" doesn't qualify. Nor does "ambivalent." Nope... the holidays just drag me down. As I told my friend today:
I swear to the Diety At Hand that being alone at Christmas is my very own personal "new tradition." I'm beginning to take a sort of perverse pride in this, although there are precious few I'd share the thought with... you being The One and Only at this point in time. Most folks just wouldn't "get it." At least I think that's the case.
So... there it is: out on the street for all the world to see. And I have to ask... do you "get it," Gentle Reader? Or do you think I'm a modern-day grinch?


  1. Completely understand. It's the opposite of where I am right now - loving the holidays with the famil(ies), aside from the usual minor frustrations that come with all that proximity. But I don't fault you for your position at all. Not the Grinch, just a Scrooge.

  2. You'll note I didn't go into the "whys and wherefores" of the way I feel... but it has everything to do with family, specifically my youngest child. I envy you, Andy, and all others who enjoy the holidays... as I USED to do. Nuff said.

    Except for the fact that... yeah... "Scrooge 'R' US!" ;-)

  3. Oh I'm with you on this 100%.
    Mainly because the message of Christmas has been completely obliterated by commercialism. And I'm not even a Christian (anymore)!
    Maybe if I had more family around, I could get into it, but with just Silver and myself here, it'll be just another day off. If I had more resources, I'd enjoy helping people out, but it wouldn't have to be Christmas for that. Christmas was magical when I was a kid, and when my kids were small, but now...meh. It all just signals the end of another year to me, with my birthday looming at the beginning of March.

  4. Mainly because the message of Christmas has been completely obliterated by commercialism.

    This is a large part of my disillusionment, as well, Christina. And you cannot escape it... it's literally everywhere.

  5. The expectation is that Christmas is a time for families to get together and all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings are evoked. The truth is that if those warm fuzzy feelings are not there year around, chances are they will not appear at Christmas either. Yet we get upset during the holidays because our expectations are not met.

    My thought: any time that you get to have your youngest child with you, you should make it special – like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Why just have those special holidays once a year? Celebrate any damn time you want. Make your own traditions.

    I could expound on that, but hopefully it made sense.

  6. I've met the most wonderful man and he has to work a lot of holidays. I told him we'll make our own holidays. Every day I spend with him is the best day of my life so far. Dots on a calendar, moments of remembrance-- that's all good and well, but the best days are always the ones which are wonderful for your own personal reasons. I pray the rest of my life's calendar is crowded with personal holidays with this man.

  7. Just wanted to thank you for your service to our country. However you spend your Christmas, I hope it serves you well.

  8. I get it and if I didn't have small children, I wouldn't be participating in the long Holiday Season at all.

    I start feeling this sense of dread about a week before Thanksgiving - too much family pressure, too much shopping, too much forced cheer. I'm so relieved when it's all over after January 2nd.

  9. I'm really not a Christmas girl. Never have been even when little. I share the sentiment of wanting to spend the holiday alone.

  10. From a selfish point of view, I hope your "tradition" is not long lasting... life is what you make it; we can capitalize on the opportunity that sociecy affords us (time off, etc) to be together and make new memories to best enjoy the relationships we do have.

    My $.02.


  11. Lou sez: I could expound on that, but hopefully it made sense.

    I think it did, Lou.

    Phlegmmy: What great news! Congrats, and I hope ya get your wish.

    just me: Thank you very much for your thoughts and for dropping by.

    Daphne sez: I'm so relieved when it's all over after January 2nd.

    You and me both, LOL! I look forward to January 2nd in much the same way I looked forward to Christmas when I was a kid... there may not be presents to open, but at least I can get back to what passes for normal in these parts.

    Michelle: I hear ya... and once again we find ourselves on the same page! Now if I could only convince ya to leave The Dark Side and join us over here in The Light... we'd be golden! ;-)

    Sam: I appreciate your POV, really I do. But as I told my friend yesterday, I'm just not good company at this time of year. I like Phlegmmy's idea of creating our own holidays.

  12. Ho-Ho-Ho Buck.....Enjoy what you can anyway.

  13. We "do" Christmas because it's a family tradition... as a good libertarian type I have no particular objections to an orgy of commercial consumerism, if that's what floats your boat (it would certainly be good for the economy right now.)

    I've definitely matured some over the years, and no longer annoy my Believing relatives by twitting them about observing a pagan winter solstice holiday (complete with tree-worship!) in faux-historical drag. ;-)

    The holiday that I really get into? Thanksgiving.

  14. Hockey is hockey to me. Besides, can't we all just get along? ;-)

  15. Barry, I think you should continue "twitting" your Believing relatives. Don't leave out the bunny rabbit and eggs at Easter!

  16. Pat sez: Enjoy what you can anyway.

    I am, Pat. Single-malt and cigars on tap for Christmas Day... inside or out, makes no nevermind. Coz it's Christmas!

    Barry sez: The holiday that I really get into? Thanksgiving.

    That day was always my favorite as well, once upon a time. I had LOTS to be thankful for. There's still a lot left today... e.g., health, great kids that have done well for themselves, beautiful grandchildren, and the fact I'm reasonably comfortable. But there's a couple of holes, too.

    Michelle sez: Besides, can't we all just get along? ;-)

    Wait. I thought we WERE getting along? You mean we're NOT? ;-)

  17. and, sorry, chasing the navel gazery rabbit, i failed to say "yeah, i get you" but my point was that other people's idea of what constitutes a holiday is not ncessarily my own, so I'm right there with you.

  18. Phlegmmy: I think I read ya right the first time. There were points in life where I "made my own," as well. But... ain't it GREAT to be in lurve? ;-)

  19. Hey, Buck, you know that I can relate.
    We're all just going to have to put up with Phlegmmy ... she's walking on air. And it's fabulous to witness, even from the bleachers, innit? First time I have ever enjoyed spectating over playing anything, in fact.


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