Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well... I tried to get some windshield video of tumbleweeds for ya, Gentle Reader. But I had "issues." The grab-shot camera's battery has seen better days... and although the battery meter indicated a full charge when I checked it before leaving the house... it lied. Which totally pisses me right off. I thought I shot four video sequences between here and Cannon Airplane Patch, but only two survived... one of which was truncated (and thus unusable, for all intents and purposes) for a reason known only to the Camera Gods, which were NOT smiling upon me today.

Here's the best of the two survivors:

(sigh) I thought I had good video on the return trip... but it all disappeared somewhere into the ether. I suppose I'll have to buy another danged battery for the camera, but at $50 a pop (or so) it won't be anytime soon. I just don't use the "little camera" all that much these days.


  1. Midnight Rambler is my favorite driving tune. To amuse my elderly self I have found that if I start the tune as I pull out of my driveway, make all the lights and get through the gate unimpeded, the tune ends as I arrive at work. I like my music loud, partly because I don't hear well and partly because I like it loud and its funny to see the look on the young airman's faces at the gate when I roll the window down. I'm so easily amused. Merry Christmas All....

  2. Tumbleweed Patrol! Too funny.

    I loved that Buck! Good tunes, barren landscape and your great commentary.

    You should definitely make more vids....I'm still smiling.

  3. Because your blog is more interesting than most (in spite of what you might think), The Blog That Nobody Reads has tagged you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Very nice, Buck! The sky was absolutely beautiful. That's what I love about Vegas, too. Big, beautiful sky.
    That was a veritable mountain of tumbleweeds, I hope they've got the tumbleweed patrol wearing proper gloves during clean-up. When I had to clean 'em up, I used a rake and heavy-duty gardening gloves.
    One thing, I wouldn't want to drive that perimeter road in the dark; two-lane road with no median? NO THANKS!

  5. I forgot to mention one thing: I like that we're still "Gentle Readers", even though we were listening...;)

  6. Dan sez: Midnight Rambler is my favorite driving tune.

    Which version? My fave (and the one playing in the background of the vid) is off of Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out. Mick Taylor is just blisterin' on the solos. Too bad the camera screwed up, otherwise you'd have been treated (?) to me doing a duo with Mick T and his solo on "Sympathy..." I always sing along with the guitar bits... and they're always played loud, too.

    You still have airmen on the gate at Eglin? We're all rent-a-cop here at Cannon.

    Daphne: Thankya, Ma'am. Those were VERY kind words!

    Morgan sez: Because your blog is more interesting than most (in spite of what you might think)...

    You keep sayin' that, Morgan. But my traffic sez otherwise. ;-)

    Actually, I like it the way it is. If I had mega-hits (traffic-wise) I couldn't have the same sort of relationship I have with my blog-buds today. And I LIKE the way that is.

    Thanks for the tag... that one was quick, dirty, and most of all... fun.

    Christina sez: Very nice, Buck! The sky was absolutely beautiful. That's what I love about Vegas, too. Big, beautiful sky.

    We have great skies here... most of the time. You can literally see forever.

    That mountain of t-weeds was something else when I posted five days ago... and was but a shadow of its former self today. The guys doing the clean up are pros, so you can rest assured they were properly equipped. They're gub'mint employees, ya know.

    The perimeter road is really quite nice and the speed limit (45 mph) is RIGIDLY enforced, so driving it at night is a real piece of cake.

    And thanks for catching the "Gentle Reader" bits. I knew I was shooting for the blog and only for the blog. So Help Me God.


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