Saturday, November 17, 2007

There Might Be More...Later



  1. Yup, go big blue!! Well, Floyd is blue, too. LOL! Playing in the semifinals in Animas today. Right now, actually. Listening to it on 1450.

  2. Sorry Buck...91 yards against the Buckeyes.....

    Llllllloyd Carr can now have a nice EZ retirement...but hey..The Irish won, making both you and my Uncle Jack smile just a little(I know Duke is the worst of the 119 teams, but a win is a win)

  3. Buck ~ we did live for a year outside of Ann Arbor many ears ago, and I can still hear "M GO BLUE!" in my distant memory.

    As a Kansas alum, I FINALLY have something to cheer about during football season. We are 11 - 0 for the first time in the history of University of Kansas football! We are starting to dream of a National Championship .... I just hope we don't wake up and find out it was all a dream!

  4. Geeze Buck. Michigan? Some vague foreign sounding state in the cold, cold north?
    I'da thought you'd barrack for NM Tech or at least the Loblows.
    Good wishes to Towanda. I admire the big K too.
    (I served my term at U of Wisconsin.)

  5. Jenny: Ya know, I looked ALL over the PNT yesterday for news about Floyd's football team and came to the conclusion there wasn't any. Yet. Did all y'all win?

    Pat: I watched until the bitter end, and as you noted elsewhere, it wasn't all that good of a game. I didn't bother watching ND this weekend. Lost cause, and all that.

    Towanda: Yeah, you Jayhawks have a LOT of reasons to celebrate and be proud. Good on ya!

    Did you know I lived in Deetroit for ten years? I suppose that's a moot point, given I've often posted and/or talked about life there fairly frequently.

    Catmoves: It's kinda complicated, my football allegiances. The full story is here, if you're interested. But I root for Big Blue, as long as they aren't playing Notre Dame.

  6. It was in todays (Sunday) paper. No, we lost. We were really surprised to have beat the defending champs last week in Roswell, and the paper actually ran a nice article about our Cinderella team. But couldn't get past Animas. Better luck next year. We have a very young team, no Seniors and I think 1 or 2 Juniors. Just alot of Freshman and Sophmores.

    Well, basketball season starts on the 27th.

  7. This is lost on my British eyes - sorry. (Shrug)

  8. Carol sez: This is lost on my British eyes

    I had precisely the same feeling about cricket, Carol, for the entire three years I lived in London...and continuing right up to the present day! ;-)


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