Friday, November 16, 2007

This... really beginning to irritate me. To no freakin' end. And all those hits? 98.76% of 'em are from overseas. What's up with that?


  1. I can't help it, I just have to chuckle snort over this one. It makes me feel WAY better about some of the asinine Googles that are hitting me lately.

  2. Try using the name "Chevillar" in a post title and see what happens.

    I guess the word "piss" is equally potent, or nearly so. I wouldn't have predicted it. Interesting. about a list of "it'll get you hits" words, 1-50? That would be interesting.

  3. As I indicated in the post, 98% of the hits I'm getting for this word come from overseas, and fully three-quarters of those are from...wait for it...Islamic countries. Dunno what that really means, but I'm sure it ain't good.

    I'm glad this makes you feel better, Lin! :-)

    OK, Morgan, I had to google "Chevillar." But I can plainly SEE why that term generates hits! Yowza.

    Re: your 1-50 proposal. I'd bet Carlin's "seven words" would be right up there...

  4. I find "old titties" to be equally intriguing. 4 hits? Four hits from the same person .. or have four different people been searching for "old titties"? eeek

  5. Four hits from the same person .. or have four different people been searching for "old titties"? eeek

    All unique hits, Towanda. One assumes (heh!) they're coming from Old Men, eh? I mean, hopefully. Dang. I should have never opened this can o' worms...


  6. If there's worms in a can somebody has to open it. Might as well be you.

  7. I just now ran into your photo, Buck! I was looking up Bourg, Louisiana (for work) and found your 2006 post when you were tagged by Laurie.
    "Bourg-La-Reine, Seine, France"

    You just never know where you'll pop up on this internet, do ya? Well it felt like running into a friend in an unexpected place.

  8. Dan: You're right. I've opened up a lot of 'em in my time...why stop now? :-)

    Bec: Thanks for that link! One of the things I don't like about Site meter is the actual search term for an image is NEVER displayed when I get a visit from a Google image search...just the specific image and the archive month of the post the image appears in. Consequently I'm always left scratching my head wondering how/why a googler came by when they click through on my profile pic...there's no context. It's a little clearer, now.

    As for "never knowing where you'll pop up on these internets..." it's kinda scary, no? But, we knew this going in to the blogging game.

    I'm glad you felt like you did when you got that hit, too. Made me smile to read your comment, it did!!


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