Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ten Seconds of Utter COOLNESS

And to think the Good Commissars of the Greater San Francisco Soviet Socialist Republic almost succeeded in preventing the Blues from appearing at Fleet Week this year.


Remind me to tell you about October of 2000, when I was out on the water in San Francisco Bay in a large party boat cum yacht with about 200 of my closest friends at one of our pre-Dot-Bomb corporate bashes. The Blues were practicing that day and did several low passes over our drunken merry band of IT professionals. It's oh-so-amazing, not to mention amusing, to watch Leftards agape at the wondrous display of military hardware...right in front of their noses, so to speak.

(h/t: Lex)


  1. Wow. That video so totally kicks ass!

  2. Very cool! I even got Jesse to come and and squeal over the video.

  3. Great Video...Buck I'm in favor of turning San Fran to Glass, right after we do likewise to certain sections of the "Muddle East".

  4. Lighten up, Houseworth.

    So, Sergent, tell us about October 2000.

  5. Agreed, Lou and Phlegmmy!

    Dunno if I'd go that far, Pat. I think it's sorta nice the Leftards have a place all their own to go. And I also wish they'd ALL go there. Maybe a wall around SFO is the answer... :->

  6. Reese! Haven't seen you around these parts in a while...good to see ya back.

    There's actually not a whole helluva lot to tell beyond what I already said. Not without writing a book, anyway. The Readers Digest version is I worked in one of those dot-com start-ups, where I was one of only three conservative types (out of approx 200 peeples) and was also the oldest guy in the company. Our workforce was mostly geeks (coders and sys admins), with a smattering of sales/marketing types, a couple or three HR types, and a few admins. And nearly ALL of them were what I'd call "typical" SFO Lefties, mostly of the upmarket Yuppie persuasion. The sort of people who have a patronizing attitude towards the military ("you get stuck in Irak..."), yadda, yadda, yadda. It was an interesting 2+ years, believe me.

    But...back to the boat. It was a typical (for SFO) IT off-site, with catered food, open bar, and garnished with pep talks by the CEO and assorted VPs. When the Blues started practicing everyone ran up top to get better views, and for once the assembled multitudes of right-thinking people were reasonably speechless, or at least they held it in check. Lots of oooh'ing and aaah'ing, especially from the young, male, hard-core coder types.

    Did my ol' heart good, for a brief shining moment.

  7. A Wall around SF? Not a bad idea, with a Croc infested moat I hope....


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