Wednesday, October 17, 2007

gee... ell... OH!


  1. One of my favorite videos.

  2. Second video in a row of yours that I'll be showing to "my" Jesse today. Thanks, Buck!

    Here's a thought-provoking essay that made me think of you. And me.

    1968 revisited (Don't miss Corey Wayne's comment)

  3. Bec: Good stuff. Somewhat disquieting, in the sense that "we" were pretty danged young and stupid...which may or may not be synonyms for "idealistic." Like Simon, I don't regret too much about what I did or didn't do during that time. I did my bit and managed to have a helluva lot of fun at the same time. Nonetheless, I'm glad I came around and left that silly hippie BS behind me.

    I'd heard those anecdotes from C. Wayne before...and my favorite is the "We have 11 of ' many do YOU have?" more thing. I got a BIG grin on my face last night chasing up some Site Meter link. The visitor had googled "exileinportales" on some search engine or another (not google). One of the links in the resulting list was a comment you posted at Maha's place sometime in the near way-back...before your conversion. It read something to the effect of "I learned from my good friend Buck over at (EIP) that Republicans are becoming disillusioned and want to to take the summer off..." and went on from there. Made me smile, it did! ;-)

  4. Made me smile, it did! ;-)

    I've come a long way since then, Buck, and I am eternally grateful to you. You were the right person at the right time.

    That discussion on Bob Dylan was interesting, too. Jesse has always said that the left never understood him completely. Also, I never did like Lennon's Imagine. Always thought there was something creepy about it.

  5. Thanks for the kind words yet again, Bec. I've never understood Dylan, completely or otherwise. But I love him to death! And I never did like "Imagine," either. There are danged few, if any, songs that make me dive for the mute button faster. I think "Imagine" is just about the pinnacle of dippy hippie silliness.


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