Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What He Said

Dontcha just LURVE the way the Brits express themselves? A spade's a spade, and all that, but put in highly articulate terms. I used to know more than a few of these kind of guys...and gals...at my "local." Miss 'em, too. No web site available for my real local, which was in Bourne End, just up the road from High Wycombe AS. You'll just have to make do with a generic description. OTOH, I tipped a few pints here...on more than a few occasions, too.

Well, now. That fired off quite a lot of not-so-dormant synapses!

(BIG h/t to FHB.)


  1. Buck - who IS that guy and where can we get more of him?! Bloody hell that was brilliant.

    There's not point in saying what my favorite part was - the whole damn thing is spot on.

    I'm chuffed!

  2. The Brits do have a way with words.

  3. Turn the "Muddle East" to glass and start over.....

  4. You hung out in High Wycombe, really? 'Me cuz, Lorna' lives there. You might have even seen some of her etchings of the area. She sent me her published book of them and they are all just lovely.

    The guy in the vid reminds me of her brother who I love dearly.

  5. You hung out in High Wycombe, really? 'Me cuz, Lorna' lives there.

    Yep. I lived on High Wycombe Air Station (now RAF Daws Hill) for three years... '80 - '83... and worked at RAF Uxbridge, just down the M40 (or A40, if you wanted the "leisurely" drive in/out). Absolutely the BEST assignment I had in my AF career, bar none. I don't remember seeing any etchings of the area, though, and it IS a beautiful part of the world. That's too bad, innit?

    Small world, eh?

  6. Kris: In case you didn't chase up the vid, the guy's name is Pat Condell and his web site is here. You might not like him all that much, tho. He's an atheist and is otherwise...uh...strong in his opinions. The rant I posted hits my personal mark, but as for the other stuff? Not so much.


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