Tuesday, December 18, 2018

SN2 posting... for GDN6

My Grandfather

When I was twelve years old I woke up one morning, my stomach rumbling with hunger and pulling me to the kitchen.  As I walked down the stairs, I was confronted with the strong smell of coffee and the tapping keys of my Grandpapa's laptop.  I followed the sound into the dining room and found my Grandpapa working on his laptop.  I sat and watched him, admiring the intense concentration on his screen.  I greeted him with a shy smile and a polite "good morning"... and sat silently, drawing in my sketchbook until he saw something on his laptop, tilted his head, smiling and said "oh".  I said "oh what?"  He showed me a picture on his laptop of feet.  The picture showed different feet and described how the various shapes and lengths of toes correlate to different personality types and physical traits.  So naturally, we stripped off our socks and started looking at our toes.  My mother came down stairs, walked by and asked what we were doing... not stopping, not missing a beat and said "weirdos".

Self portrait 2015

This memory, with my Grandpapa, taught me to love myself and accept what makes me unique.  We laughed and talked about toes, made silly faces and discussed art and writing.  In life, we all need those moments when we forget about  reputation and simply laugh and live.  I am who I am because I'm unique in my own, odd ways.  I miss you Grandpapa... thank you.


Angelina... aka Googoo... aka GDN6


  1. Your Grandpapa was a special guy Angelina, witty, erudite, and sometimes just plain goofy. He was his own man.

    Sounds like you're a lot like him. And that's a really good thing.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I never met him but he sounded like a most interesting man.

  3. Thank you, Angelina. Maybe someday, one of my grandchildren will remember me so warmly and eloquently. . .

  4. I miss the "conversations" I had with your grandfather [in our blog comments of our blogs].


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