Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

We said we'd keep it going. We will...

Many have asked about services for Dad. Sam and I are working out our plan.

You see, for those of you that know Dad at all, you know he was a particular kinda guy with a particular kind of style. Style, Dad had in abundance!

His wishes were to be cremated and have his ashes spread in various locales across the globe. These favorite places would require a small fortune to get to in a short amount of time, being the world traveler that he was, so for now, we're going to stick to the CONUS (continental US, for those of you not familiar with the military vernacular) locations for the beginning of his services.

This could be a party that lasts a decade!

Just so you know, Dad mentioned places like a favorite pub in London, a bar in Japan, New Orleans during Mardi Gras and a national park in California.

We will compile the list and hopefully begin to comply with his wishes as soon as practical.

Meanwhile, please feel free to visit old posts and leave comments as you wish. We are monitoring comments and working out a plan on how to best keep his blog alive.



  1. Hopefully he has Joe Louis Arena and Notre Dame Stadium on the list as well.

    I am cracking a cold one in Buck's memory, for strength!


    Another old veteran from the Cold War

  2. Thanks so much for keeping it alive. If Your Dad mentioned anyplace in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire region, and I can be of service, just let me know and I'll do whatever I can to help.

    1. Same here. I've got Rhode Island covered and will assist Suldog in any way possible.

  3. If "The List" brings you back toward Portales and the Texas Panhandle, we'll take Buck for one last ride in a sidecar....might save you a trip over to the Isle of Man....Since he stopped in Amarillo once, my contact info might still be in his files somewhere.

  4. Would anyone like to do a Keys trip? I can have the Barco there in four days. Boat can accommodate 40 refugees, or six Americans. Depending on state of party readiness, we can legally carry 35. Kegerator available...

    Barco Sin Vela II

  5. Thanks for doing this guys.

    When I saw a new EIP post, I'd been hoping all that went before was just a bad dream.


    Yeah, your Dad had style. And class. Lot's of class.

    If there's any way I can help, let me know.

  6. Thank you all... we will populate and promulgate the list as we work through the plans for celebration of my dad's life. I believe Joe Louis Arena is on the list.

    We know it won't be possible for everyone to attend the party we're planning, so some of our first thoughts include a Web cast of the celebration. We believe the party will take place in late Spring or early Summer... still working details and a time line.

    Again, thank you all for your kind words and support.


  7. I'd go to Paris with you, but it's currently on the No Travel list for unofficial travel with my clearance (I know it's weird), banning Paris seems un-american...

  8. I opened this up today and am actually laughing out loud at the task he left to you. There aren't many who are as well travelled and would have as extensive a list. Getting it all done would be book worthy in an of itself. Your Dad touched a lot of folks, and I for one, will be more than happy to help you complete the mission. Will wait further information on the celebration. JRW-Michigan

  9. Thanks, fellas. If you're coming to the Bay Area let me know. My email addy is in your dad's address book under "bariton," and I'd love to meet you all and lift a glass for Buck.

  10. Thanks for the update; I can see Buck, hard at work, cigar clinched between his teeth, devising those plans for you to figure out how to do. Wouldn't you know we'd move north from New Orleans too soon to be of assistance for the Mardi Gras trip. Please call on me to help with any "stops" Buck might make in Arkansas -- we have plenty of room to accommodate you "boys." (On the other hand, I somehow doubt whether a trip to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport or the William J. Clinton Presidential Library will make the cut on Buck's list. Stranger things have happened, though, so keep me in mind. I really had -- have -- a soft spot in my heart for your Dad.) My email is also there -- Terry Paulson.

  11. Ok. I've finally pulled myself together enough to post a tribute to Buck.

  12. Standing by in New Orleans--could recommend several dive bars (or fern bars--take your pick) that would gladly and proudly display Buck's urn..

  13. The sun was shining at lunchtime today in Luxembiurg, the local radio station was playing songs I think Buck would like. I sat on the bench and had an early Happy hour with a beer and cigar in honor of your dad.

    Phil, Msgt USAF RET

  14. Just be's all I ask.

    He had my number. I was always OK with polite. Taking a train to the west coast in a month. Heading to San Diego. Driving home. Route is optional up to MetroParkCentralis.

    If there is a place or two on the route:

  15. National Park in California..................I am in. I think Rumbear would be as well.

  16. My most poignant memory is when Carroll "Lex" Lefon was lost in that tragic plane crash almost three years ago.......
    His post was entitled with just one word......................Tears.
    Many tears were shed for our dear friend Buck as well..................
    The fond memories will shine through as well.........................

  17. I kind of feel it is really weird for people to be posting on a dead mans blog, but then I have a cat that shows my pet mouse love by licking him clean every day. A funny thought, Buck was in at the beginning of the computer age, what with the SAGE computer network that set the country back trillions, just to be abandoned about the time he retired, and then came the Apple II computer and VisiCalc and I was off to my first million :-)

  18. Ah - I see the comment I left a week or so ago...never made it. Just want to say thank you to SN1 and SN2 for graciously updating us on how you are doing and the plans for your dad. Such a task!!! But for a man of style like our Buck, it would have to be just that big! And a question - is there a charity we can donate to in your dad's name?

  19. I first met Buck in 1975 at Kingsley Field Klamath Falls Oregon. We partied hard there till I left to go to Turkey and I believe Buck went to Japan. We met again in Oregon when we were both stationed at North Bend Air Force station. There I bought my first motorcycle and Buck schooled me in all ways motorcycle. We also shared an apartment and then a house along with Paula. I got out of the Air Force and Buck and Paula went on to retire but still work in Michigan. We lost track of each other for a while after his divorce from Paula but finally reconnected and stayed in touch ever since then. I believe in the 90's he drove his Miata to come up and visit and we had a grand time riding my stale of motorcycles. It was then that I was finally able to out ride him. Truth be told it was only because he had been out of motorcycling for quite a while due to a horrific crash he had in Michigan. We had a lot of fun visiting other Air Dogs from our core group of Klamath Falls misfits. The last time I saw Buck was in 2011 when I flew down to purchase his Suzuki SV 650S that sadly he could ride no more due to his COPD. We stayed in touch and in 2012 I called him to tell him a mutual long time friend Dave Coons was having trouble with Cancer and that he should come up to visit. Like a lot of us, procrastination gets the best of us and sometimes prevails. Then in September of 2014 I called him to say Dave passed away and it saddened him immensely. I asked how he was and he told me he was surviving and not to worry. I told him I would try to visit soon. On December 8th I sold the Suzuki and was going to call Buck but decided to put it off. On December 19th my phone rang and my caller ID said it was Buck. I answered it with a cheery, " Hey Buck you old coot, I was going to call you last week and sadly tell you I sold your old motorcycle and bought a BMW. " I paused and the reply was, " Lee, this is Sam Bucks son." Immediately I knew what it was about because Buck and I had talked about how each of us wanted to be notified if anything happened to us. I was brought to tears. In 3 months time I lost 2 of my very best friends. Friends that gave me shelter during sickness or welcomed me if I was just passing through. Friends that I had known for 40 years. I regret not calling him the week prior. But I will always cherish the memories that I hold forever in my mind until such time that I to expire or simply cannot hold onto because of the frailty of our humanness. I raise a glass of good craft beer to you Buck, because you told me, " Life is too short to drink crap beer!" Amen to that and amen to you. When you find Dave in heaven, and he's crying because he couldn't bring his Harley, tell him when my time comes I will bring a stable of rice burners so we can all go for a ride again. Love you both my friends, Lee Chung.

  20. I was looking through Buck's past blog entries and ran across a post that he did when he came up to visit me in the 90's. I remember that visit very well, but to read it from Buck's perspective brought smiles and tears of joy. I really miss that guy!!! If you feel so inclined, look for, " Greatest hit ( on motorcycling ). Enjoy life people !!! ....Lee Chung

  21. Sorry for late reply I have been away. I would be honoured to help with his ashes in London where I live.
    Please do get in touch if I can still help



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