Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack, With Images of Marilyn Monroe At No Extra Charge

Eartha Kitt, singin' about how good it is:

Je cherche un millionnaire
Avec des grands "Cadillac car"
"Mink coats" - Des bijoux
Jusqu'au cou, tu sais?
(Full lyrics here, including an English translation for those of you in need.)
Heh.  Well, I have ONE of the prerequisites...

Wasn't Marilyn just THE most beautiful woman?


  1. The first time I ever heard, or saw, C'est Si Bon performed it was by Miss Kitt.
    It was about 1953 and someone had made a marionette caricature of her to perform to the music.

    And, yeah, Marilyn gives me goose bumps ...among other things.

    1. "C'est Si Bon" is one of those songs I heard at Mom's knee. Funny how those things stay with ya for years and years and years. And, yeah... Marilyn does it for me, too.

  2. Bijoux Rouill├ęs09 December, 2014 22:04

    ...bijoux pour le cou, tu sais :-)

    On another note, this video has me ordering a ticket to Paris to go see them bare naked and take a lot of pictures:


    Merci Eartha !

    1. oops, take the #t=292 off of the URL...

    2. I saw those old wrecks on the Hemmings Daily newsletter yesterday. That's a helluva story.

  3. Heard that as a kid, and MM was one of a kind...


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