Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Via Digg, where they say:
Can You Spot Every Reference In This Brilliant Animation?
The music video for Cruisr's "All Over" is one cultural reference sliding into another. And another. And another. Good luck keeping up.

I think I got most of 'em and there were a lot!  That said, if the pairs of heads were cultural references it's time to put me out to pasture coz I didn't recognize a single one.

In other news... we went down early again last evening, i.e., 2230 hrs, with predictable results: my eyes popped open at 0430 hrs and simply refused to close again.  Boy, do I EVER hate it when this happens.

In other, other news... Occasional Reader Virgil Xenophon left this comment on yesterday's post titled "Ike's B-25" and I thought it deserved promotion to the main page.
"...use by lower-ranking generals."

Most people know that Air Force 1 is the designation of the Presidential plane and Air Force 2 that of the VP, but did you know that there is an "Air Force 3?" That is the designation given to a similarly-equipped aircraft for the use of members of the JCS or the Heads of the major commands. From this I'll relate a funny story. At the time I was stationed in the UK my 1st cousin, then a Brig General, was the Deputy Commander for Ops, (DCO) HQ USAF in a 2-star slot. As such he was technically the # 3 guy in the Air Force (working directly under the CinC and ViceCinC USAF (despite the presence of many 4-star generals in the major commands. From all this I have a story:

One night I returned fairly late to the O'club @ RAF Woodbridge after drinking at a local pub: "Jesus Christ, Virgil" they said, "call the command post IMMEDIATELY, the Wing Commander has been rising hell trying to find you!" Turns out the Wing CP had gotten a call from "Air Force 3" en route requesting that I be located so that the DCO, HQ, USAF (my cousin) could have dinner with me. LOL! Of course they didn't know that he was my cousin, and that he was on his way to a USAFE conference in Wiesbaden, so they--including the Wing CO--were jumping thru their a-holes trying to locate this Jr Capt that must have SOME KIND OF PULL! With failure to do so perhaps seeing certain careers sink before their very eyes. The situation was saved only by the wx which caused AF 3 to divert to RAF Mildenhall, from whence Maurice was driven down to Bentwaters by staff car. There were some puckered you-know-whats for a while on that dealieo, lol!
Virgil has the BEST stories.


  1. Been there, done that.

    I was on a little ship based in the Middle East and the Deputy CENTCOM asked to have me join him for lunch. NAVCENT sent two LCDRs over to make sure I got the invitation. I had to tell them no. We were getting underway and a meet up with a 3 star friend of the family was out of the question. I told the LCDRs that we were going to Abu Dhabi and maybe he could meet me there....:)

  2. Also similar, though it didn't happen to me.

    At Radar school on TI, one of my classmate's (an E-2) father was a colonel.
    The father was good friends with a Captain at TI.
    The father, without the son's knowledge asked the Captain to look up the son.
    It turns out the Captain was the CO of the Schools Command.
    The son didn't even realize it until on of us pointed it out.
    They had about a 15 minute Hello, nice to meet you.
    The father later apologized for putting the son in that position.

  3. BUc

    Check out my PS to this story at my original post--PLUS see my comments @ sarge's place about aussie-inspired flaming drinks..

    1. @ Curt & Skip: Good stuff! I don't have any similar stories, unless one considers rubbing elbows with a couple o' generals... a two-star and a one-star... at the bar "that kind o' story." Which I did, once.

      @ Virgil: I did, on both counts. But you knew that if you looked at today's first post.


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