Friday, November 21, 2014



The full explanation and more examples of "elastic cars" are here.

Speaking of "elasticity"...

"We had our cocktails and cigarettes."  Well, yes.  We did.


  1. The primary wonderfulness about those gals gettin' stoned is that they grew up first. Reversing the procedure would appear to result in the heavy airhead concentration with which we are currently blessed.

  2. I'm more cynical about the video, in that obviously they are trying to show that altering the mind on drugs is pretty safe and normal. Having lived with an adult drug addict and alcoholic for 16 years growing up, I can say there was nothing to giggle about. I don't really care about drugs, and spending billions on prisons and drug cops is a complete failure. Prohibition never works. You have to let people kill themselves as they choose. The best way to do that is to collect an user tax as they destroy their brains, livers, etc.

    1. I tend to think altering the mind with marijuana is pretty safe and normal, assuming one isn't perpetually stoned. The key to altering consciousness, no matter which drug you choose, is moderation. You can kill yourself or cause serious health problems by abusing ANYTHING, including food. I agree with you on the personal choice and tax issues.


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