Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's On Tap for Happy Hour, Buck?

One (or more) of these...

I was gonna record my own Nitro slam-pour but I thought "somebody else HAS to have done this."  Yup... more than a few somebodies, actually.  You can't do this with very many beers unless you want a world-class mess on your hands.  It sure is fun to do with Left Hand's Nitro, though.

Excuse me, but I think I hear beer calling my name.

Added, somewhat later:

Why, yes.  Yes, we HAVE been sampling all those various and sundry pour videos.  I like this one coz you can see the swirly nitrogen bubbles in the beer after it's poured and also coz it's from the brewery.  Who would give better instructions than the guys that make it?


  1. Hmm - that guy in the brewery pour video? He can pour me whatever he wants....any time.


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