Friday, November 22, 2013

More Cigar Art

In today's mail:

Pretty spiffy packaging, eh?  That's a box o' My Father Corona LEs... a smaller size for winter smoking, or so sez my buddy Tim at  I put fire to the end o' one of these beauties just before I wrote this post and smoked about half of it while knocking back an Abbey Ale from New Belgium.  (The UCR parenthetical: my go-to guys for beer REALLY like Abbey Ale.  So do I.)

But we're supposed to be on about the cigar and its packaging.  I'm pleased to report the cigar smokes as good as it looks in the box.  You'll note the sticks are rather elaborately packaged, what with the nicely finished wood box, silky ribbons, and brass clasp.  The cigar itself is a very spicy, peppery sorta stick and not sumthin' I would recommend for the inexperienced.  That said, it's a well-built cigar with a smooth draw and very, very tasty flavors and aromas.  There's a better review here, for those who appreciate that sorta thang.  Me?  I just smoke 'em.

And now it's back to continue as we've begun.

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