Monday, April 08, 2013

Charges Dismissed

It's with great regret that I'm forced to announce that all charges against The Old AF Sarge have been dropped as a result of the Article 32 hearing held earlier today.  We, the offended, presented our evidence to the proper convening authority, Brigadier General Alphonse Newissuance, to no apparent avail.  Gen Newissuance issued the following statement following the proceedings:
The Sarge, out o' uniform and wearing an offending hat.
We note with a certain gravity that the charges brought forth by the appropriate authority, one MSgt Buck Pennington, USAF (Ret), to wit: conspicuous treachery, traitorous behavior, and a gross disregard for the traditions and customs of the service, while seemingly grounded in fact, do not constitute a violation of the UCMJ, as written.  While we will not prefer formal charges, nor will we convene a General Court-Martial, we DO recommend the defendant be verbally counseled about his dereliction of duty and failure to uphold the good name and traditions of the United States Air Force, said counseling to become part of his permanent personnel record.  We also note the defendant, The Old AF Sarge, has, in fact, posted various and sundry positive articles about the USAF on his blog, to his great and everlasting credit.  We also note, with similar gravity, that he has also displayed a preference for the (ptui!) Naval Service and recommend he be further counseled to refrain from expressing said opinions to the detriment of the Air Force in future.
Well, OK.  So be it.  But get this, Sarge:  we're WATCHING you, Buddy.  Toe the line, coz Gen. Newissuance might not be so charitable in future.

You may stand down.


  1. Hallelujah!

    (Methinks ye'll be pleased.)

    1. I scanned yer post earlier on my phone, now I'm gonna go over and watch the vids. Well done.

  2. Seriously cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Should have had a Dixie Cup on his head though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Like this?:

    2. That might have been a little TOO over the top.

      But I like the way you think Glenn.

    3. @Darryl: One of my all-time FAVORITE movies (and actor)!
      @Glenn: Yeah, yeah, yeah...


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