Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack


Old men's thoughts are in the past
their future holds no store
their lives are left in tatters
fighting someone else's war
I wasn't party to that crime
'cos I was born at the right time. 

Now I'm living on the coastline
I got up from the breadline 

now I'm drinking the good wine 
go fishing in the summer time
sleep all day if I have a mind 

'cos I was born at the right time
yes, I was born at the right time.
Well, this is wrong on a couple o' few counts, to wit: my life is of whole cloth, I fought my own war (and I WON it), and the future holds quite a bit o' store, thank ya.  It's also right on target in places... such as drinkin' the good wine and sleepin' til the crack o' noon.   All o' that assumes we're lookin' for comment on our current state in the lyrics, which we do quite often.  Overall it's a wash.  I like the sentiment in the song and the tune is catchy, as well.

In other news... We'll be taking Happy Hour indoors as Ma Nature is not lookin' kindly upon the High Plains o' New Mexico today.  It's not exactly cold... at 59 degrees... but it ain't exactly the sort o' weather that makes verandah sitting an enjoyable activity.  We'd be out there if we had full sun but the sky is overcast and there's a bit o' a breeze.  So... indoors it is.


  1. That is my kind of music.

    Our weather has been not quite warm. I'm ready for a bit warmer.

    I went to the doctor today - a young thang who told me I was in perimenopause. Pissed me off. I told her hell no! This was menopause not peri-anything.
    She laughed. She was probably checking off "mood swings" on my chart.

    1. I had to google perimenopause... I thought you were either IN it or you weren't... which, I suppose, is what you were sayin'. Isn't it weird how all the doctors are SO young these days?


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