Friday, January 25, 2013


The post title sez it all... at least where MY feelings about women in combat are concerned.  I do believe I may have lived too long.

We're still goin' through the overnight mail; we saw the above at the Usual Source for such thangs.


  1. ex-Trash Hauler25 January, 2013 15:11

    I went to USAF survival schools and POW training with a woman officer (pilot type one each). We both served 20 years. There were still WAF's when I joined in 72. These were your basic clerks and not worth the dynamite to blow them up. They served their function. Especially on Saturday night in Biloxi!

    There was a lot of women in the second echelons of the frontal attack on Falluja. Many of them found themselves in the first echelons by mistake. No one gave them demerits.

    Women are in combat today because we don't have a FEBA anymore (Forward Edge of the Battle Area). It's a different kind of battle ops then Vietnam.

    1. I don't have anything against wimmen in the services, per se. As you've mentioned, the great majority of the flight crews have acquitted themselves well, as have the few women that have been caught up in actual on-the-ground infantry type combat. But accommodating women in Special Forces (at my link)? That's a bridge too far.

  2. My own personal jury is still out on this, as I've mentioned before.

    My fear is that the maroons in the Five-Sided Puzzle Palace will dick this up while trying to placate the Diversity Zampolits. Ya know, lower the standards, get kids killed, men AND women. I fear for my country.

  3. I didn't comment yesterday, because I have such mixed feelings on this as well as some serious concerns. I'm just now sure how it will all play out.


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