Thursday, December 27, 2012

SOMEONE Didn't Get the Memo

Even though said memo's been sent and resent about 93 times each and EVERY day since the Newtown shootings.  So, for the record, Mr. Ramirez:  It's GUNS.


  1. I luuve lefties. Whenever ANY OTHER social "ill" is addressed, the very first thing they leap to is an investigation of "root causes." Now? Crickets chirping..

    ALL a matter of whose ox is being gored...that and "any old stick" handy to pick up with which to beat the opposition over the head with..

    1. The lefties absolutely DISGUST me where this incident is concerned. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

  2. IMHO the speed at which they jumped on their one trick pony after this tragedy is disgusting and very telling.


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