Monday, December 24, 2012

A Blog Conversation...

... in comments, over at Blog-Bud Morgan's place:
  1. Guns blazing away and cars blowing up, and of course some tits…these things do have some cultural value.
    We agree about the tits. The other stuff? Not so much. ;-)
    - bpenni | 12/23/2012 @ 13:30
  2. The common language. There’s really only one way to present tits. Well, two or three maybe. (Saucily and suggestively covered up, naked-real and naked-fake.)
    Guns and exploding cars, though, can be done in a thousand different ways. And I’ll certainly go along with any suggestion that some 990+ of these are wrong.
    One cinematic fad I’d be particularly interested in seeing die off, is the John Woo slow-motion-with-pigeons technique…that’s fer sure. I’d also like to see the good guys squeeze off something fewer than forty shots, out of a recognizable sidearm that the gun database will verify holds, at the most, six to ten.
    - mkfreeberg | 12/23/2012 @ 15:11
  3. There’s really only one way to present tits. Well, two or three maybe.
    Or MORE. Ahhh, sweet mystery o’ life. :-)
    - bpenni | 12/23/2012 @ 16:20
  4. Oh yeah, and then there’s captioned
    - mkfreeberg | 12/23/2012 @ 16:46


  1. Now THAT is HTML I can deal with!

  2. I will never look at HTML in the same way again.
    I very seldom use the word never.

  3. Sans Soutien-Gorge24 December, 2012 13:45

    I hate to say this, but girls who wore t-shirts like that would never have got my fathers dating approval.

    1. MY Ol' Man, OTOH... ;-)

      Which goes to show the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Or sumthin' like that.

  4. A little HTML humor, there (or should I rather say, some pretty BIG HTML humor. . .)

    I've alluz been a breast man. . .



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