Thursday, April 19, 2012

RIP, Levon Helm

A statement from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which inducted Helm in 1994, called him the backbone of The Band.

"As a member of the one of the most influential rock and roll groups, The Band, Levon Helm produced music that was as much timeless as it was timely," it said. "In the late 1960s and early 1970s when the country was divided, The Band still projected a sense of unity and brought generations of fans together from all over the world."

Helm had a voice unlike any other in rock music: definitively Southern, soulful and gritty, an oak-barreled whiskey that sometimes went down with a fiery kick.
Levon Helm... dead at 71.

RIP, Levon... and thank you for all the good times and memories.  You are released.


  1. RIP, indeed!

    Not to be too maudlin, but I often "pray" for the joy to come after I am released from this vale of tears.

    Some days, my heart cries out for that day (and it's coming quicker by the moment).

    Today was NOT one of those days. But, tomorrow might be.

    Life screws around with ya'!

    I have faith that eternity won't.

    RIP Levon.

    1. I dunno, Andy. Life is preferable to the alternative and I intend to go out kickin' and screamin'. In a metaphorical sense, of course.

  2. Interesting music - great art.

  3. Hmmmmmmmm. There's that "death comes in threes" stupidstition, so Mr. Helm and Dick Clark are two from the music biz...

    1. Ya think they'll execute Ted Nugent?

    2. Heh! They'd better bring some heavy artillery if they plan to.

  4. Lay down my dear brother,
    Lay down and take your rest.
    Lay your head upon your saviour's breast.
    I love you brother,
    But Jesus loves you best.
    I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight,
    Goodnight, goodnight.

    RIP, Levon.

    I spent 15 months in Vietnam (06/70 - 10/71).

    The soundtrack is all I remember!

    Music From Big Pink, The Band, Stage Fright (very under-rated IMO), Willy & the Poor Boys, Cosmo's Factory, Sweet Baby James (... the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston ...)

    Thank You, Mr. Helm!

    1. J.R., that was beautiful.

      And, y'all did a bitchin' job, and that is NOT sarcastic.

      If nobody ever said it to you, "Welcome home!"

    2. We have a lot in common musically, J.R. I was on the Black Sea in Turkey during 1970/71 and in Japan just before that.

      What Andy said about "Welcome Home," too.


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