Monday, February 20, 2012

In Honor o' the Day

A hundred dollar Franklin is really sweet
A five hundred McKinley is the one for me
If I get a Cleveland, I'm really set
A thousand dollar Cleveland is hard to get

Them dead presidents
Them dead presidents
Well I ain't broke but I'm badly bent
Everybody loves them dead presidents
Ain't THAT the truth.


  1. Amen, brother Buck. Great song. Perfect for the day especially considering the Prez we got now. Everybody's hurtin' for cash with him holding the office.

  2. Toby wanted to celebrate with Old Overholt.

    So how do you like your new comment set up? I used click on the videos and while letting them load or listening to the music, I could go to the comment. No can do now. Just sayin. If you like it, I'll be quiet and get over it.

  3. Good point, Dan.

    I appreciate no WV, but why is the comment window so huge? I could write a novel in the space.

    I do like being able to scroll up and read the original post now as I'm composing a comment. I had a problem with the old, separate, pop-up comment window because I tend to sit on the sofa with my laptop, and the mouse would slide around on the cushions and then the comment window would "disappear" as the cursor moved...which was totally my fault, not Bloggers.

    Neither you nor Blogger can please everybody, so just please yourself.

  4. Dan: Obama should be on the three-dollar bill.

    Lou: I do like having all comments on a single page along with the comment box. I'm gonna stay with this for a while.

    Red: I think I'm done tinkering with the blog for a while... so what ya see is what ya get.

  5. I like the capability of replying directly to a comment on the same page as the post.
    I lake the way your blog adjusts to the size of the window... really simplifies things

  6. Skip: I like this new format better, as well.


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