Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Update II

Santa's biggest challenge in Amsterdam might be understated.  Or flat out wrong... keeping Rudolph away from those other red lights might be right up there on the challenge list, too.  I found that to be true.  But I DID enjoy the architecture; that's why I went.  That and other cultural opportunities.

My server at The Bulldog, c. 1999.


  1. Well, I'd never heard of the Bulldog Cafes. Always enlightening at your place.

    Sometimes on Christmas Eve, I go outside at midnight, look up at the stars, and listen for a moment of absolute silence and peace. It's a miracle to find that in a suburban setting these days.

    Peace and joyful Santa tracking to you tonight, Buck.

  2. I have it on pretty good authority that Sinterklas made his deliveries in the Netherlands on December 6. So he probably was headed for the red light district.

  3. une grande fille désossé25 December, 2011 05:28

    I found the red light district lame, your server would be a 10 compared to what I saw in the windows.

    I did find the best Italian restaurant in the world, on some side street I could probably never find again.

  4. Red: A quiet evening in suburban America ain't all THAT rare, is it? Clear skies have been a rarity in these parts of late, though. It feels like weeks since I've seen the stars.

    Skip: Good point.

    désossé: I don't think hookers are renowned for their movie-star looks, eh? Unless you play in the E. Spitzer league. A-dam has some damned fine restaurants... I visited my first Argentinian steak house there and the beef was superb, in quality, preparation, and quantity. I went back. Twice.

  5. You can walk on the fumes coming out of that place and many others. Amsterdam is so much fun. Las Vegas is a giant ripoff. Sin City is in the Netherlands. If I had to live outside the USA it would be in Holland. Thanks for the memories (or hazy recollections), Buck!

  6. Anon: We're of the same mind concerning both Vegas and A-dam.

  7. I wonder if she knew that the shirt makes her look fat?

  8. It wasn't JUST the shirt, Anon.


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