Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh, Goodie

I'm glad I'm stocked up coz it looks a lot like I'm gonna be housebound for the next couple o' few:

It's all gray and windy outside at the moment with off and on drizzle and it looks like this is the sorta day when it's ALL downhill from here.  I notice that areas slightly to the north of us are under blizzard warnings, so I suppose thangs could be worse.  This is bad enough for me, thankyaverymuch.


  1. “A winter storm warning…snow accumulations 2-6 inches…”

    Oh that’s precious, a “storm”… of inches.

    What would happen if you were suppose get a foot or more, evacuate everyone to Mexico?

    BTW, nothing here so far, nada, zilch. Complete opposite of last year when we got hammered in Dec.

  2. I'm thinkin' the suicide rate would dramatically increase if we had a foot o' snow. I'm pretty sure there ain't ANY snow removal equipment within a hundred miles o' me. Well, make that 75 or so. I'm sure I-40 gets plowed from time to time.

    "Hammered" in Ra-cha-cha is an EVENT. I still have nightmares... (not really, just bad memories)

  3. Snow in south eastern NM is just a mess, but NM does have more snow removal equipment that TX and OK has put together. We got rain yesterday - yay, but it is suppose to get cold today. The good part is that it is suppose to turn back warm on Wed and be good the rest of the week - if those weathermen can be trusted.

  4. Yeah, but all that equipment is located waaay to the north of P-Ville and vicinity. I know Santa Fe and other points north get lotsa snow, but it's pretty rare down our way. Thank The Deity At Hand for BIG favors!


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